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Finasteride Hair Loss

Finasteride is the main substance (generic name) of the brand names known as Proscar or Propecia. That’s because both these brands contain Finasteride. In addition, both these brands were originally developed and manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals. The compound was firstly approved by FDA in 1992 as brand Proscar. The compound was designed to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH). The condition of enlargement of the prostate gland.


But 5 years later in 1997, FDA also approved Finasteride for hair loss purposes. That’s because it was proven to be a fairly safe, yet effective compound to deal with male pattern hair loss. This medication was sold as brand Propecia.

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  • With this being said, when talking about Finasteride for hair loss purposes – then we’re actually talking about Propecia (containing Finasteride 1mg tablets).
  • But on the other hand, when talking about Finasteride and BPH treatment – then we’re actually talking about Proscar (containing Finasteride 5mg tablets).

Finasteride Uses

Both Proscar (tablets of 5mg) and Propecia (tablets of 1mg) contain Finasteride, but as far as we can see – they are intended for different purposes.

When Finasteride is used for hair loss purposes, it is mostly used alongside an OTC medication – Minoxidil. That’s because these 2 compounds are the only 2 science-backed drugs that were proven to actually help with keeping and maintaining hair loss.

In fact, Finasteride was proven helpful in some men to actually help regrow their hair!

Therefore, Finasteride for treating and preventing male pattern baldness (hair loss) is the most popular and widely used compound out there. And remember that when talking about Finasteride hair loss, we’re talking about Finasteride 1mg tablets most commonly sold as Propecia, but can be found as other brands.


Finasteride Hair Loss Dosage

There’s no need to administer higher dosages than 1mg of Finasteride for hair loss because it shows no further benefits but is increasing the risks of side effects. Tablets of 5mg of Finasteride are used specifically for BPH treatment.

Regardless of what the purpose of using the compound is, you should use Finasteride tablets on a daily basis. For how long is being determined by the doctor.

  • But if you need to use it whilst running anabolic steroids – then only use Finasteride 1mg a day and only for as long as you use steroids to save your hair AND only when you’re absolutely sure you need to use the product in the first place.

Finasteride Hair Loss Success Rate

Although Finasteride for hair loss can be very effective, it may offer side effects too That’s why use it carefully.PROSCAR-finasteride

More than 80% of males stop losing hair and about 30% of males regrow hair back. Yet, about 8% of men suffer from some sex related issues (ED, low libido, etc.). Some of them even say that the issue persists even when stopping running Finasteride.

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So, although Finasteride is used by bodybuilders and athletes (steroid users) for pretty much the same reasons we recommend using it with great care. Is used to reduce the hair loss associated with the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) boost. But reducing it too much is a bad idea!

Finasteride in Bodybuilding

The reason why steroid users go for Finasteride in the first place is that all steroids are known to speed up the process of hair loss. There are “safer” steroids for hair loss and there are steroids that are much worse than others for hair loss. Steroids that are much more likely to cause it, much faster and more aggressively. Yet, to some extent, all steroids make you lose hair.

All of that is because of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. This is a very powerful androgenic hormone that is very important for males – considered a potent sex hormone. Nonetheless, it is also the main enemy of head hair. DHT increases androgen activity in the scalp and this shrinks hair follicles leading to hair loss.

  • All steroids, in a way or another, boost dihydrotestosterone levels in the body. That’s why all steroids are known to cause hair loss.

Now, the reason why Finasteride is so helpful for hair loss, regardless if you use steroids or not – is because it reduces this hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


Finasteride is a 5alpha-reductase inhibitor. It suppresses the 5a-reductase enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. Therefore, serum levels of DHT in the body are greatly reduced when Finasteride is introduced.

In the end, whatever is the purpose of running Finasteride – for hair loss or whatever else, you can be sure that on you can buy the best quality compound for the lowest price.

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