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Side Effects Of Anastrozole

Anastrozole is the active substance in the brand Arimidex – it can be found being sold as other brands too. Anastrozole is in the class of drugs called Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs), same as Letrozole (Femara) and Exemestane (Aromasin).

AIs with SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) make up anti estrogens. However, AIs and SERMs are very different in their mechanism of action.

SERMs that can be mentioned include: Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate).

  • In bodybuilding, SERMs are mostly used for PCT protocols and AIs are mostly used for estrogen control on-cycle.

Arimidex is an AI developed by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (nowadays AstraZeneca) with substance Anastrozole that was designed for lowering estrogen levels in the body, and therefore it was made for helping female patients suffering from breast cancer, the cancer that needs estrogen to form up and grow.


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Nonetheless, bodybuilders use the compound to lower their estrogen levels during the cycles with steroids that are capable of increasing the estrogen levels too much.

Anastrozole Dosage

Before you’re going to run Anastrozole (Arimidex) is important to know how to properly dose it.

  • Most bodybuilders running aromatizable steroids (like Testosterone, Dianabol, Deca and others) start at 0.5 mg of Arimidex every other day.
  • The dosage is then increased to 0.5 mg every day or 1 mg every other day. In case that’s not enough – 1 mg Arimidex (Anastrozole) per day is most likely going to offer the required estrogenic protection.
  • Rarely a bodybuilder needs less than 0.5 mg every other day or more than 1 mg every day.

Nonetheless, you may adjust the dosage if you still feel you may need it.

The dosage of Anastrozole is steroid dose dependent. If you run boldenone (that has a low aromatization liability) in low doses you would need a very low Anastrozole dosage if any at all. However, if you run Dianabol (that has a very high aromatization liability) in high dosages, you would need a much higher dosage of Anastrozole.


Explaining Side Effects of Anastrozole

Is important to remember that the compound should be used in proper doses to avoid side effects, both from high estrogen levels, as well as from Anastrozole itself.

Most Arimidex side effects are associated with low estrogen levels meaning you’re overdoing this drug.

Since Anastrozole is a product meant to control the estrogen in the body, this compound is very well tolerated by most men, at least those who use it properly. Yet, some side effects are still possible.

Mostly side effects are associated with either too aggressive reduction of blood plasma of estrogen in the body or a long term suppression of this hormone.

  • PS: Females are affected way more than males by this compound, mostly because they need more estrogen than men.

Estrogen is playing an important role in the strengthening of bones, that’s why long term estrogen suppression can be associated with bone weakness. However, males do not have such risks taken into consideration that they use Anastrozole for only some weeks (during the cycle) compared to women who need it for many years.

Another thing to mention, estrogen is playing an important role in the Central Nervous System CNS) and when the levels are reduced, it may result in lethargy, fatigue or even chronic fatigue.

Is important to keep in mind that estrogen is an important hormone for growing muscles and gaining strength too. When you inhibit too much of estrogen, you won’t be gaining as much as you wish you could.

Estrogen is a hormone playing an important role in cholesterol and if suppressed too much, you might notice a decrease in HDL (good) cholesterol and an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Men also report low sex drive and libido as well inability to maintain an erection too.


Insomnia, irritability, depression, feeling moody also are some side effects of Anastrozole that can be mentioned. Others include: nausea, headaches, vomiting and others too.

  • NOTE! Everyone who runs anabolic steroids should know that they are much more likely to get estrogen related issues from running anabolic steroids without adding Anastrozole, compared to adding this compound (and using it properly) and getting side effects from it.


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