Anabolic Steroids

Where to Buy Winstrol?

Taken in consideration that Winstrol is an extremely effective anabolic steroid for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement, is quite obvious that it ended up being one of the best selling steroids on the market and one of the most famous and sought-after steroid.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that is so popular and widely used, you still cannot buy it anywhere you like, that’s why, many people, especially beginners search for information about “Where to Buy Winstrol?”

This is such a popular question because Winstrol is an anabolic steroid and as most other steroids, they are either completely illegal, or can be obtained only with a valid prescription received from a doctor. Yet, because you need it for growing muscles and receiving an amazing body appearance, you won’t be given a prescription.

So, “Where to buy Winstrol?”

The only way to buy it (at least for most people since is banned in most countries) is online. We recommend to buy Winstrol directly from our website as we are the best steroid store you can find.

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We would try to explain why. Plus, you can find various customer reviews proving that this is the best site to buy Winstrol and any other anabolic steroids that you may need.

Problems Where to Buy Winstrol

There are different sources where to buy Winstrol but there’s a problem. You don’t know where exactly to buy it. That’s quite obvious because there seem to be a lot of scammers out there which search for ways how to rip off people’s money. And they are there when you try to buy Winstrol too, taken in consideration that this is a banned yet famous product.

Scammers are trying to take your money throughout various methods.

For example, you may attempt to buy Winstrol from unauthorized sellers (scammers) as they claim to offer extremely low prices and you send your money, but you receive nothing.

Another thing you may “step” on is buying Winstrol that is under quality and / or under dosed.

Under quality means that the active substance Stanozolol is not of a high purity. Under dosed means that the product doesn’t offer the amount of Stanozolol that it should. For example, a 50 mg pill contains 10 mg or even lower amount.

Quite obvious, if anything like this happens, you won’t receive the results required and you spent too much for too little.

Another form of “scam” is the natural supplements store claiming that they offer Winstrol or Stanozolol in form of natural ingredients, which are 100% legal and 100% without side effects whilst working 100% like Winstrol.

Whilst they indeed may be 100% legal and 100% without side effects, they are working 0% like real Winstrol as they have 0% of Stanozolol.


One last thing to mention is those sources with overpriced products. There you may find real steroids including high quality Winstrol, but the problem is in the price, which is too high. You are paying for a product much more than you should have.

By using this site, all these problems are solved.

Purchasing Pharma Stan (Winstrol Injectable) or Stanos (Winstrol Pills) you have no risks of above mentioned things.


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That’s because we are the steroid store that care about our customers and about our reputation. We are the source that works with Pharmacom Labs – a reputable pharmaceutical company known for offering best quality anabolic steroids for sale and working under GMP standards. We never have high prices, as we believe that anyone should have access to products they need.

We do not ask for a prescription, although we urge you to use Winstrol as well as any other steroids with big care.


  • Therefore, you are capable to receive best quality Winstrol (Stanozolol) for the cheapest price. You can compare the prices on our website with other sources (same manufacturer, strength and amount) and you would notice that you could save big money. Quality of compound is going to be noticed from the first administration.

If you are having any other questions, you could ask our customer support. A website like ours offering best quality products for cheapest prices in combination with best customer support team and convenient shipping methods, the question: Where to Buy Winstrol? Can be easily answered.stanozolol-winstrol-pharmacom

PS: Remember that Winstrol by Pharmacom Labs is offered as Stanos or Pharma Stan, depending on the form of administering Winstrol (Stanozolol).

Anabolic Steroids

What Does Winstrol Do?

Winstrol is an orally active anabolic steroid that is extremely famous in the world of bodybuilding because is capable to offer a huge body transformation as well as enhance performance levels of the users.

Initially, Winstrol (which is shortly called by many Winny) was manufactured many years ago in 1960s for the purpose of helping patients to treat multiple diseases such as osteoporosis, treating venous insufficiency as well as many other medical conditions.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Winstrol (Winny) as brand name Stanos when coming as pills, and Pharma Stan when coming as injection. Be sure that regardless if you choose Stanos (oral) or Pharma Stan (injection) you get same high quality Stanozolol active substance – same found in Winstrol, but less expensive than Winstrol.



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Winstrol – Stanos (Stanozolol) is working in pretty much same way as all other anabolic steroids by binding to the androgen receptors, but this compound is having a unique structure, making it an overall unique steroid in terms of what it does after it binds to the androgen receptors.

The active substance in Winstrol (Stanos or Pharma Stan) is Stanozolol, and this is the steroid that is working the way it does thanks to various factors. For example, Stanozolol is one of the many Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived variants. Nonetheless, is having a modification at the A ring which is offering very helpful and unique cutting abilities.


Winny is DHT derived and therefore it doesn’t convert into estrogen as it cannot aromatize. That’s very good for cutting cycles when you want to get shredded as the compound won’t offer water retention, but it would work the other way around by getting the water retention flushed out of your body – it works like a diuretic.

  • But you also need to be warned that Winstrol – Stanos is also going to decrease the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL) and in the same time would increase the levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL). That’s a negative side effects specific to all steroids, but you’ve got to be careful when running Stanos or Pharma StanWinstrol cycle as the negative effects it may have on cholesterol may be bad.
  • Another thing to mention when talking about “What does Winstrol do?” as is very important is the fact that Stanozolol is having a very unique ability compared to most other steroids – that’s the ability to strongly bind to the SHBG – Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Winstrol (Stanos – Pharma Stan) does it more than any other steroid that you can find and by doing so, it lowers the amount of SHBG. Why is that a good thing? Well, SHBG is a hormone that is making your body receive less testosterone and is a hormone binding to other steroids during the cycle and therefore, making them less effective by neutralizing them.

In other words, with less SHBG – you get more effects and benefits from using steroids. When Winstrol – Stanos is stacked with other anabolic steroids, the efficiency of that cutting steroid stack is extremely high.

That’s why, when Winstrol (Stanozolol) is added to a steroid cycle, the individual is going to notice a huge difference in benefits and results.

In short, here is what does StanosWinstrol do:


  • Greatly increases the effectiveness of other steroids cycles
  • Having a very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio is offering perfect anabolic environment without too bad androgen related side effects.
  • Is capable to make you grow lean and quality muscles, making you bigger.
  • Winstrol – Stanos is most famous for its abilities to burn body fat and to flush out water from the body offering an overall hard, dry, vascular and muscular look.
  • Except for huge enhancement in terms of performance by making you stronger, improving energy, stamina and endurance as well as improvement in body outlook by making you burn fat and grow muscles – Winstrol (Stanozolol) has psychological effects too. You would feel better, more focused, increase in overall feeling of well being, you would be way more motivated and generally feel better.
  • Pharma Stan or Stanos or Winstrol is also going to offer negative side effects that you should watch out for. It would increase your cholesterol levels, liver enzymes, would offer androgen related side effects and various others.

Customers should get the best quality Winstrol if you want to receive best effectiveness without side effects. You can buy it directly from our website as brand Stanos if you want pills or Pharma Stan if you’re more into injections. Learn how to use Stanozolol properly and get the best quality product for receiving crazy results. Using our source you would also save a lot of money too.

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Anabolic Steroids

Dianabol Tablet

Dianabol is an orally active steroid and therefore Dianabol comes in form of a tablet. That’s one of the reasons that make Dianabol such a famous steroid.

There are many people who want to boost their physique and performance with the help of various products but not everyone agrees to use injections. That’s why Dianabol tablet is so popular and widely used.


But that’s just part of the reason. Dianabol tablet is convenient to administer but not only – is also extremely effective. Administration of the Dianabol tablet allows your body to highly boost various processes required for gaining of muscle mass and strength levels. As a result, simply by using Dbol pills, you’re basically growing and becoming stronger, offering an overall amazing body transformation.

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The compound is entering the system super fast and therefore is capable to offer super fast results. So you’re not required to wait too long until you’re going to see the amazing benefits. Dianabol is the anabolic steroid that makes you notice the muscle gains within 1-2 weeks and you would notice that you’re gaining strength in the first few days of starting the administration.

What is Dianabol Tablet?

Dianabol is an orally active steroid coming as a tablet, which is shortly called Dbol by most bodybuilders. However, the compound’s active substance is MethandienoneMethandrostenolone with Dianabol being the brand name. There are many other brand names but we still call it Dianabol because is the first brand manufacturing this steroid and therefore is still the most famous.

It was manufactured firstly many years ago by a company called CIPA for medical purposes such as HIV and AIDS patients, wasting diseases, hypogonadism etc.


Then it started to be given to athletes after Olympians had an obvious disadvantage compared to other countries’ athletes which were obviously using steroids.

In short time it was clear that Dianabol tablet is capable to do miracles to your body. The compound is offering mind blowing results as you gain huge amounts of muscles in the time you may be losing body fat.

Here are a few main benefits of using Dianabol tablet

Huge Strength Increases

If you’re dreaming about becoming stronger then you’re on the right path when searching for Dianabol. That’s because these pills are going to offer crazy strength gains within the first week of starting the Dianabol cycle. Users report being able to lift much more weight, they are performing much better, getting tired not so fast etc.


Huge Mass Increases

You’re not only going to become much more powerful, but you’re going to look way more powerful either. That’s because Dianabol is a steroid that would offer huge amounts of muscles and would add them fast. Is very common for Dbol users to add about 15-25 lbs of pure muscles during their first Dianabol cycle. Is not unheard of people adding even more. It depends on various factors. Yet – you still would become much bigger by adding lots of muscles to your frame.


Dianabol Side Effects

Despite the fact that taking a Dianabol tablet can be so helpful, remember that this little tablet is a powerful anabolic steroid and side effects are to be expected, especially if you use it for a long time or / and in a high dosage or / and have low tolerance to the compound.

  • Also, is Dianabol tablets are not recommended to people who have some health issues such as cholesterol issues, blood pressure, hepatotoxicity or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Dbol is known to cause estrogen related side effects like for example gynecomastia, water retention and high blood pressure.
  • There are also androgen related side effects such as bad skin condition like acne, hair loss, abnormal hair growth on face and body etc.

In addition to that, as all other steroids out there – Dianabol is known to suppress natural testosterone production. This may lead to low testosterone condition if left untreated which may lead to nasty symptoms.

Liver hepatotoxicity is another big problem related to oral Dianabol pills. Pretty much as with all other orally active steroids. Make sure to keep liver toxicity under control.


In order to receive maximum benefits combined with the lowest possible side effects you need to make sure to obtain highest quality Dianabol tablets.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Dianabol as brand name Dianabolos.

Be sure that Dianabol and Dianabolos are 2 different brand names of the exact same high quality steroid that is working the same way.

Yet, Dianabolos by Pharmacom are less costly tablets than Dianabol.


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You can buy them directly from this website, as we make sure to offer the best Dianabol tablets as brand Dianabolos for the lowest price you can find. This way you save money in the time you can get your physical appearance and performance to the next level.

Anabolic Steroids

How To Take Dianabol?

Lots of people heard about Dianabol as being an extremely helpful anabolic steroid for physique and performance enhancement and therefore is very popular. Being such a popular compound and taken in consideration that so many people try to gain muscles and become powerfulmany people resort to Dianabol but they don’t know how to properly use it.

This anabolic steroid is very often used by bodybuilders and various other athletes which help them to build muscle mass and now, based on their experience and knowledge, we would try to answer the question:

How to take Dianabol?

First thing to mention before starting to learn how to take DianabolPharmacom Labs is offering Dianabol as brand Dianabolos, which is the exact same Dianabol (same high quality active substance – Methandienone) but offered for a lower price.


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Is important to understand that although Dianabol – Dianabolos is amazingly helpful at improving physical appearance and boosting strength and endurance, it can be accompanied by various negative side effects that are possible to occur, especially if Dbol is not used properly.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to have a correct use of Dianabol – Dianabolos whilst following some rules and precautions, you are greatly increasing the chances of increasing the effectiveness and decreasing the possible negative side effects.

First of all – is important to Administer the Right Dianabol Dosage

  • Beginners should start with low dosages. This means that about 15 mg per day up to about 25 mg a day. With such a dosage, you are going to be able to check how your body is reacting to the steroid and is still a good enough dosage to get benefits and results from using it.

If you notice that your body isn’t doing well on DianabolosDianabol for whatever the reason, the dosage is not too high to offer too bad side effects. In addition to that, with this dosage, your body is going to get accustomed to the effects of Dbol.

Beginners shouldn’t use it for a long time – about 4 weeks is going to be enough.


  • More Experienced Users usually take 30-50 mg a day of Dianabolos – Dianabol. These are the most common dosages of Dianabol – Dianabolos as they are still not too high (although can be higher than needed for some people) and yet, they are good to offer amazing results. This dosage is perfect for most experienced bodybuilders.

Experienced users go for a Dianabol cycle length of about 4-6 weeks. Some people use it for 8 weeks, but that’s increasing the chances of damaging your liver.

  • Is not very recommended to use more than 50 mg a day, although there are some people who still use higher doses up to 80 mg a day. Nonetheless, such doses are administered by absolute professionals.


Dianabol Half Life

Because Dianabol (Dianabolos) is having a pretty short half life of only 3-6 hours, is highly recommended to split the total daily dosage in at least 3 halves whilst many people split it in 4 halves taking Dianabol – Dianabolos every 6 hours. For example, if you use 40 mg a day, you use only 10 mg per dose – 4 times a day.

When to Take Dianabol?

Most people use Dianabol – Dianabolos in the beginning of their cycle as a kick starter – the steroid is going to offer fast results in terms of muscle building and strength boosting. Then they stop using Dianabolos – Dianabol and continue the cycle with other steroids.

But there are people who add Dianabol (Dianabolos) in the middle of their bulking cycle. When they plateaued from gains – addition of Dianabolos (Dianabol) is going to offer further gains.

Dianabol – Dianabolos is taken during bulking cycles in most cases, is rarely added for cutting because is highly aromatized.

Some Rules to Follow When Taking Dianabol


  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is C17 alpha alkylated. Is highly recommended to take Dianabolos with foods to avoid damaging your stomach even more, and is highly recommended to add liver protective compounds during Dianabol administration.
  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is highly aromatized so is very recommended to use aromatase inhibitor to avoid your body receiving too much estrogen which may lead to estrogen related side effects.
  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is an anabolic steroid and as any other – is suppressive to testosterone. That’s why is highly recommended to add testosterone during the Dbol cycle and is highly recommended to follow a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each Dbol cycle.
  • Although some people use Dbol for 8 weeks, we would recommend you to avoid running DianabolosDianabol cycle for longer than 6 weeks.
  • If you already have pre existent health conditions (especially liver, heart, cholesterol, cardiovascular or blood pressure related) is highly recommended to avoid the use of Dianabol – Dianabolos.


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