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How To Take Dianabol?

Lots of people heard about Dianabol as being an extremely helpful anabolic steroid for physique and performance enhancement and therefore is very popular. Being such a popular compound and taken in consideration that so many people try to gain muscles and become powerfulmany people resort to Dianabol but they don’t know how to properly use it.

This anabolic steroid is very often used by bodybuilders and various other athletes which help them to build muscle mass and now, based on their experience and knowledge, we would try to answer the question:

How to take Dianabol?

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Is important to understand that although Dianabol – Dianabolos is amazingly helpful at improving physical appearance and boosting strength and endurance, it can be accompanied by various negative side effects that are possible to occur, especially if Dbol is not used properly.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to have a correct use of Dianabol – Dianabolos whilst following some rules and precautions, you are greatly increasing the chances of increasing the effectiveness and decreasing the possible negative side effects.

First of all – is important to Administer the Right Dianabol Dosage

  • Beginners should start with low dosages. This means that about 15 mg per day up to about 25 mg a day. With such a dosage, you are going to be able to check how your body is reacting to the steroid and is still a good enough dosage to get benefits and results from using it.

If you notice that your body isn’t doing well on DianabolosDianabol for whatever the reason, the dosage is not too high to offer too bad side effects. In addition to that, with this dosage, your body is going to get accustomed to the effects of Dbol.

Beginners shouldn’t use it for a long time – about 4 weeks is going to be enough.


  • More Experienced Users usually take 30-50 mg a day of Dianabolos – Dianabol. These are the most common dosages of Dianabol – Dianabolos as they are still not too high (although can be higher than needed for some people) and yet, they are good to offer amazing results. This dosage is perfect for most experienced bodybuilders.

Experienced users go for a Dianabol cycle length of about 4-6 weeks. Some people use it for 8 weeks, but that’s increasing the chances of damaging your liver.

  • Is not very recommended to use more than 50 mg a day, although there are some people who still use higher doses up to 80 mg a day. Nonetheless, such doses are administered by absolute professionals.


Dianabol Half Life

Because Dianabol (Dianabolos) is having a pretty short half life of only 3-6 hours, is highly recommended to split the total daily dosage in at least 3 halves whilst many people split it in 4 halves taking Dianabol – Dianabolos every 6 hours. For example, if you use 40 mg a day, you use only 10 mg per dose – 4 times a day.

When to Take Dianabol?

Most people use Dianabol – Dianabolos in the beginning of their cycle as a kick starter – the steroid is going to offer fast results in terms of muscle building and strength boosting. Then they stop using Dianabolos – Dianabol and continue the cycle with other steroids.

But there are people who add Dianabol (Dianabolos) in the middle of their bulking cycle. When they plateaued from gains – addition of Dianabolos (Dianabol) is going to offer further gains.

Dianabol – Dianabolos is taken during bulking cycles in most cases, is rarely added for cutting because is highly aromatized.

Some Rules to Follow When Taking Dianabol


  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is C17 alpha alkylated. Is highly recommended to take Dianabolos with foods to avoid damaging your stomach even more, and is highly recommended to add liver protective compounds during Dianabol administration.
  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is highly aromatized so is very recommended to use aromatase inhibitor to avoid your body receiving too much estrogen which may lead to estrogen related side effects.
  • Dianabol – Dianabolos is an anabolic steroid and as any other – is suppressive to testosterone. That’s why is highly recommended to add testosterone during the Dbol cycle and is highly recommended to follow a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each Dbol cycle.
  • Although some people use Dbol for 8 weeks, we would recommend you to avoid running DianabolosDianabol cycle for longer than 6 weeks.
  • If you already have pre existent health conditions (especially liver, heart, cholesterol, cardiovascular or blood pressure related) is highly recommended to avoid the use of Dianabol – Dianabolos.


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