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In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, Clenbuterol (that is often shortly called Clen) is known as the “brother” of ephedrine taken in consideration that Clenbuterol is also a stimulant, and more specifically, stimulator of beta 2 receptors, so is considered a beta-2 agonist. Clenbuterol is working on your Central Nervous System (CNS) and is boosting your metabolic rate.

With increased metabolism and everything aforementioned, Clenbuterol is basically burning your stores fat calories.

It burns the body fat transforming it into energy allowing the user to lose body fat much faster and much efficiently.


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Clenbuterol is also considered the “celebrity” fat burner because there’s a lot of celebrities known to use Clen as a helpful compound for burning body fat. Some notable names include: Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and many others, even including our beloved Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

All of that despite the fact that Clen is a banned substance by the US FDA, nonetheless is still an approved compound as an asthma medication in various countries and is used in livestock farming all over the world. Is given to animals to have less fat and more muscles.

  • Clenbuterol is often considered an anabolic substance because is offering a few anabolic properties, nonetheless, Clen is not an anabolic steroid in no way.

Clenbuterol Benefits

Clenbuterol is mostly used as a fat loss agent, almost exclusively in cutting cycles only. As mentioned, it does have some anabolic properties, but they are too low for helping you to gain muscle mass. Instead, they might help you to maintain lean muscle mass whilst burning body fat during cutting cycles and low calorie diets.

Therefore, Clenbuterol is able to increase your fat free mass acting as an anti catabolic and anabolic, whilst increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

This compound would be amazing for your needs, most users are having lots of benefits when using it properly. That’s why is consider to have amazing properties.

  • This fat loss pill would be able to help retain muscles, boost performance and energy as well as decrease muscle loss. Clenbuterol makes you big ripped and amazingly looking.


Clenbuterol Side Effects

A lot of people claim Clenbuterol is extremely effective with no side effects, but on the other hand, you might find a lot of people suggesting Clenbuterol is just too dangerous to be used, making it an overall controversial compound.

That’s all true. Is because it highly depends how exactly you run the compound and how your body responds to it.

Each body is different and may offering different results. But how you run the compound is definitely going to have a mark on how bad the side effects would be. That’s why is so important to run Clenbuterol properly.

Remember this is a stimulant and therefore, stimulant related side effects are possible to occur such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations
  • Heart issues
  • Over-heating
  • Hypertension
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Abnormal sweating

These are only some examples, but there are other possible side effects too.

Clenbuterol Dosage and How to Use?

We highly recommend to run Clenbuterol alongside some supplements that would increase the effectiveness and most importantly – reduce the side effects. They include:

  • Taurine
  • Potassium
  • Electrolytes
  • Some liver protection

Clenbuterol dosage is ranged between 10 mcg a day and 200 mcg a day.

Most common dosages for men are ranged between 20 and 100 mcg daily. Women should only go for 10-40 mcg a day.

Anything over 200 mcg is pure abuse. But in fact, anything over 100 mcg is already having too much chances of negative side effects.


There are various ways how you can use Clenbuterol. One of the problems is the fact that the body quickly gets used to its effects and it becomes less effective.

That’s why one of the most popular administration of Clen is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Start slowly at 20 mcg a day then slowly increase. Then 2 weeks off. Continue same way until you reach a total of 10 weeks (including off weeks).

Clenbuterol cycle example:

  • Week 1: 20 mcg a day;
  • week 2: 40 mcg a day;
  • week 3-4 off;
  • week 5: 40 mcg a day;
  • week 6: 60 mcg a day;
  • week 7-8 off;
  • week 9: 60 mcg a day;
  • week 10: 80 mcg a day.


Do not use Clenbuterol for at least 10 weeks to let your body recover.

Clenbuterol is stacking very well with cutting steroids too such as Anavar,Winstrol and others.

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Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone Cypionate For Sale

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular and widely used testosterone versions. It works the exact same way as any other testosterone ester, but Cypionate is considered a long based one and that’s why it gets flushed out of the system slower, therefore it requires less often administration schedule.

All testosterone esters, including Testosterone Cypionate are coming as an injectable solution that should be used intramuscularly. They are all used to increase testosterone levels.

Increased testosterone levels are leading to various positive benefits such as:testosterone-cypionate-odin-pharma

  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention
  • Helps gain lean muscle mass
  • Burns body fat more efficiently
  • Boosts red blood cell count
  • Overall enhancement of physical endurance
  • Greatly increases recovery rate

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There are many other benefits that Testosterone is offering.

That’s why Testosterone Cypionate for sale is so widely searched by so many people. The compound is capable to increase testosterone levels without too often administration schedule. That’s thanks to Cypionate long based ester that is offering the compound a half life of about 10-12 days.

Once or maximum twice administrations per week would be enough to maintain stable blood levels and that’s going to lead to many effects, benefits and results.

Buy Testosterone Cypionate for sale directly from this website and you won’t regret, taken in consideration that you get a product that is very well tolerated by most men, is extremely effective and we’re offering it for a very low price whilst offering the best only quality products from best brands.

Effects, Benefits and Results from Testosterone Cypionate For Sale

Testosterone Cypionate is used for treating low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) in men, in medical settings, most often. Low testosterone levels or hypogonadism is a condition where the individual’s body doesn’t produce enough testosterone levels.

When talking about physique and performance enhancement, the principle of working is the same – boosting testosterone levels, despite the user’s test levels might be normal.

But increased levels would lead to many physical, performance and psychological results.


The user with higher test levels feels better, looks better and can perform much better with faster recovery and more endurance.

Some of the best benefits include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass. The user would get a lot of help from using Test Cyp during the bulking phase because it helps to grow muscles and get more strength.
  • Decreased body fat. The user would also benefit from using this hormone taken in consideration that it would help with cutting phase too since it helps to get rid of excess fat.
  • Overall better recovery and performance. Testosterone would greatly enehance your recovery and endurance. The body won’t get tire out as quickly, gives you more strength and endurance to workout longer and harder, plus, you can work out more often because of better recovery.

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Testosterone is required in all anabolic steroid cycles, either as a base (primary) compound, or as a supportive product to more powerful steroids that might suppress the natural testosterone production.

Testosterone does not only help you with all the benefits that were earlier mentioned, but is extremely important because it would keep testosterone levels in normal range as long as you run other anabolic steroids.

So, either you run other anabolic steroids, either you don’t and want to have some benefits, either you have low testosterone levels – Testosterone Cypionate is going to help with all your needs, regardless.


Testosterone Cypionate cycle lengths is ranged between 12 and 16 weeks whilst dosage is ranged between 250 mg and 1000 mg per week, with 500 mg weekly being the sweet spot for most people.

Do not forget about properly dieting and exercising on a regular basis to achieve the best possible results. Also, remember that a low quality product won’t be very helpful.

That’s why we recommend to buy Testosterone Cypionate from as this way you can be sure that the best quality of the product is maintained.

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We never work with medium / mediocre quality products. Either best quality or nothing.

Also it feels nice when you won’t overpay for something. That’s why buy Testosterone Cypionate for sale as we have the best prices for the compound. Compare them with other sources and you will see it yourself. If you find unreal good / low prices – most likely the quality for product is low too.

  • PS: Pharmacom Labs offers Testosterone Cypionate as Pharma Test C
Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone Propionate Vs Cypionate

Testosterone is an extremely important hormone when talking about physique and performance enhancement purposes and, as we know it, the anabolic steroid comes in form of injections most often (there is oral testosterone, but is by far not as effective as injectable testosterone version) and it comes in different testosterone esters.

An ester is attached to the main compound (testosterone in our case) for delaying the release of it after is administered (injected). The ester is not going to change the way the main hormone is going to work in the body. Therefore, there are no differences between testosterone esters except for their half life (release times). Testosterone would work exact same way, without any differences.

If you’re wondering the actual differences between Testosterone Propionate Vs Cypionate then you will find this article helpful.

As said, all testosterones are the same. Is remaining the hormone that is aromatized with anabolic to androgenic ratio of 100:100, responsible for the primary and secondary male sexual characteristics and a powerful hormone that is going to result in rapid gains in terms of muscle mass and strength, but irresponsible use might very well lead to negative side effects too such as water retention, acne, hair loss, hypertension and various others.

That’s regardless what you’re using: Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate.


Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate Similarities

As earlier mentioned, testosterone remains the same and that’s why they would both work the same way. Both these versions of testosterone should be used by injection as they are both oil based injectable testosterone compounds.

  • Both only boost testosterone levels and both are considered mild in terms of side effects when used properly.

Both Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Cypionate are often used as a base compound to an anabolic steroid cycle stack, both can be used for bulking and cutting and as all testosterones – both are used in approximately same weekly dosage of anywhere between 200 mg and 1000 mg per week, 400-500 mg being most common.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Testosterone as brand Pharma Test. You can find it as brand Pharma Test P indicating Testosterone Propionate, Pharma Test E indicating Testosterone Enanthate and obviously Pharma Test C indicating Testosterone Cypionate.

  • NOTE!Pharma Test P/E/C is having a number attached to the letter indicating the ester. The number indicates the amount of Testosterone in mg per mL.

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Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate Differences

The difference is in the attached ester only and these are considered 2 very different esters. That’s because Propionate is a short based ester that is delaying the release for a short period, but Cypionate is considered a long based ester that is delaying the release of Test for a long period.

  • That’s different from, for example, Testosterone EnanthateVs Cypionate(Pharma Test E vs C) which are both long based esters that are offering similar release time (half life).

As a result of very different release times, the administration frequency greatly chances. Whilst Testosterone Propionate (Pharma Test P) should be used once every day or at least every other day, there is no need to use Testosterone Cypionate (Pharma Test C) more frequently than 2 times per week (evenly apart), but a lot of people suggest that they are doing great at once per week administration.

This is the way how you should administer each version of testosterone in order to maintain stable blood levels. Split the total weekly dosage in even parts depending on how often you want to use the compound: once a week, twice a week, every other day or daily.

Pharma Test as Testosterone Propionate is a much faster acting compared to other testosterone esters, but Pharma Test as Testosterone Cypionate is considered the longest one among popular testosterone esters. There are few others that are longer than Cypionate, but this ester is by far most popular one.


Because Testosterone Propionate reaches peak blood levels in your system in a matter of a few days which is different from Testosterone Cypionate that reaches peak blood levels in the system after a week or two, there are differences in their cycle lengths too.

Testosterone Propionate can be administered for as little as 6 weeks, but most people stop at 8 weeks, others going up to 10 weeks. That’s in the time that Testosterone Cypionate is administered for at least 12 weeks, with some people using it for as long as 16 weeks.

Most commonly, Testosterone Cypionate is used for bulking and Testosterone Propionate for cutting, although both esters can be used for both needs.

This is the reason why Testosterone Propionate – Pharm Test P is usually stacked with Winstrol,Anavar and Primobolan but Testosterone Cypionate – Pharma Test C is usually stacked with Anadrol,Dianabol and Deca Durabolin.


You can buy both Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Cypionate for sale directly from, as we make sure you would receive best quality compound for the best possible prices sold as brand Pharma Test (P and C, respectively). You can save money compared to other sources and the quality of Testosterone is the best you can find.

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Anabolic Steroids


Equipoise that is containing the active substance Boldenone Undecylenate is one of the most famous injectable androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that you can find for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Boldenone Undecylenate as brand Pharma Bold (300 or 500) instead of Equipoise (EQ).





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  • The reason behind the huge popularity of Boldenone is its high efficiency and mild side effects. Boldenone Undecylenate is very effective for users searching for athletic improvement since it offers favorable characteristics that may greatly help.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that Equipoise (often shortly called by many simply EQ) is just the brand name of main active ingredient – Boldenone Undecylenate. It doesn’t make a difference to the user that is searching for Boldenone whether is using Equipoise or any other brand name such as Pharma Bold by Pharmacom Labs, as long as active substance is same and of same high quality, which you can be sure it is of high quality when talking about Pharma Bold.

Equipoise is the first and most famous brand for Boldenone, but the steroid might be found being sold as many other brand names too.

Is also important to understand that Undecylenate is the attached ester to Boldenone. You may also find Boldenone Cypionate and there is Boldenone Acetate – but these are heavily unpopular compounds that are hard to find and they are having no benefits or advantages over Boldenone Undecylenate.

Thanks to Undecylenate ester, Equipoise – Pharma Bold is having a very long half life making it slowly enter the system. But this comes with the advantage of not requiring too often administration.

Pharma Bold – Equipoise Characteristics

Pharma Bold – Equipoise (EQ) is known for having a high anabolic effect with a moderate androgenic activity. Boldenone is the first steroid to be derived from testosterone and the compound is extremely close structurally to DianabolDianabolos(Methandrostenolone) with the huge difference of not being C17 alpha alkylated and coming in form of injection only.

This seems like a little difference, but it offers huge changes.

Equipoise – Pharma Bold – Boldenone is having anabolic to androgenic activity of 100:50 and its aromatization liability is very low all with an active life of about 15 days or so.

Taken in consideration everything mentioned above, is clear to understand that Equipoise – Pharma Bold is not the anabolic steroid capable to offer huge muscle and strength gains in very short period of time. Instead, because of its positive effects on nitrogen balance, protein synthesis, increase in red blood cells count and various others, it would result in solid and quality gains of muscles that slowly occurs – all without too much water retention or bloating.equipoise-body-man-muscles

Because Pharma Bold – Equipoise is only slightly aromatized and has low to moderate androgenic activity and coming in form of injection, the steroid is considered pretty mild in terms of side effects as it won’t damage your liver and won’t be too harsh when talking about androgenic or estrogenic side effects.

  • Thanks to all of this, huge advantage of Equipoise – Pharma Bold (Boldenone) is the fact that it can be used both for bulking and cutting. Is important to keep in mind: some people reported increased appetite when running EQ and while that’s very good for bulking, it may be detrimental if you are using it for cutting.

In the end, Equipoise – Pharma Bold will offer a huge pump effect, increase athletic performance, improve vascularity, muscle mass and overall physique appearance.

Pharma Bold – Equipoise Dosage

Equipoise – Pharma Bold is rarely used by female athletes but those that use it are not recommended to use any more than 25-50 mg per week, otherwise they are risking to get virilization side effects.

This is mostly a men steroid and most commonly is used in doses between 300 and 600 mg per week.

Some professionals may go up to doses of 1000 mg per week, yet that’s highly increasing risks of side effects.

Cycle lengths with Equipoise – Pharma Bold are ranged between 10 and 14 weeks.equipoise-adds-lean-muscles

Pharma Bold – Equipoise Side Effects

This is a safer anabolic steroid compared to many others, yet side effects are still possible. Some of the most common ones are those related to blood pressure and acne.

That’s because Equipoise – Pharma Bold increases red blood cells count and has some effects upon skin. Other androgenic and estrogenic side effects may occur too, but usually in higher doses.


Testosterone suppression for men and virilization for women are possible too, so use the anabolic steroid in a responsible manner.

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Anabolic Steroids

Pharmacom Anavar

Oxandrolone which is the main active substance in Anavar is an orally active anabolic steroid that is C17 alpha alkylated and is a modification of dihydrotestosterone resulting in high anabolic rating with low androgenic one and no conversion into estrogen. Pharmacom Anavar is the exact same Anavar but is sold as brand name Oxandrolonos.


Pharmacom Labs is offering Oxandrolonos containing the same active substance Oxandrolone (which is easy to understand by their names) and therefore, Oxandrolonos and Anavar are both the exact same products, the only difference between them is the brand name. Nonetheless, Pharmacom Labs is offer Oxandrolone for a cheaper price than actual Anavar, that’s why you get no difference in results and efficiency when purchasing Oxandrolonos, but you will save money.

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Pharmacom Anavar – Oxandrolonos specifically is very popular because it was proven a numerous of times for offering high quality product. There are people online sharing information how amazingly well Pharmacom Anavar is working for them but you may also find third party laboratory tests proving that the product is offering actual anabolic steroid.

For example, on the label you can see the claim that Pharmacom Labs Oxandrolonos is offering 10 mg per tablet of Oxandrolone and the tests did proved that the Pharmacom Anavar actually had 10 mg per tablet of Oxandrolone.

Now all you’ve left to do is to compare the prices and see that you might save a lot of money to buy Pharmacom Anavar (Oxandrolonos) than actual Anavar.

The reason why is called like this is because Anavar is the most famous brand name, it was firstly synthesized for the treatment of HIV infected patients, for people suffering from anemia, Turner syndrome and others.


The anabolic steroid is still used nowadays for such purposes as well as for recovering from burns, strengthening up muscles and bones and other uses.

Pharmacom Anavar – Oxandrolonos in Bodybuilding

This product is very popular in world of bodybuilding both for women and men because this product is considered one of the safest steroids on the market. It has low androgenic activity, no estrogenic activity, low testosterone inhibition rate as well as low impact on your liver (despite being C17 alpha alkylated) as well as on your cholesterol or cardiovascular system.

With this being said, women and men find Pharmacom Anavar pretty safe, whilst not spending too much money (a known drawback of Anavar is its pretty high price) and still remaining effective.

The compound is widely used because is efficient, especially when talking about those who are preparing for competitions in strength and endurance sports, where people need to grow lean muscle mass and burn body fat whilst not having water retention.


Is important to keep in mind that the Oxandrolone cycle is not going to help users to gain extreme amounts of muscle amounts as they are capable to do with other anabolic steroids such as Anadrol or Dianabol, instead Anavar is almost perfect for helping customers to burn body fat and give the physique a way more relief look and overall a drier and harder appearance with increased strength levels and muscle definition.

Pharmacom Anavar – Oxandrolonos is also added as an amazing addition to other anabolic steroid stacks. That’s because Oxandrolone does a good job in binding to SHBG – a hormone that is making anabolic steroids less effective by reducing free testosterone levels in the body. Since Pharmacom Anavar binds well to SHBG – you increase the effectiveness of other steroids.

  • That’s why is added in other stacks with amazing success, especially taken in consideration that is efficient itself, plus is considered one of the mildest and safest oral steroids that is available on the market nowadays.


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Before you continue further, we highly recommend you to learn as much as possible about the administration of Oxandrolone pills. That’s because although the product is pretty safe in terms of side effects, not administering Pharmacom Anavar properly (known as Oxandrolonos) would offer side effects, or might not be effective.

You need to find the perfect dosage specifically for yourself in order to find the best results and stay away from negative side effects. Buy Pharmacom Anavar from as brand Oxandrolonos and be sure you will be happy with the results received from a product that is so much cheaper compared to brand steroid name.

Anabolic Steroids

Anavar Stacking

Anavar stacking is a very common topic among many athletes, bodybuilders and various other people in various sport fields. That’s because Anavar stacks are considered extremely efficient but in the same time – pretty safe.

  • What is Anavar? This is the most famous brand name with active substance Oxandrolone – the anabolic steroid that is extremely oxandrolonos-pharmacompopular since is extremely efficient and in the same time is pretty safe as long as used properly.

PS: Anavar is sold as Oxandrolonos by Pharmacom Labs. Both contain same high quality Oxandrolone, but Pharmacom Labs offers it for a cheaper price as Oxandrolonos.

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  • What is Stacking? This is when a person is running multiple products (anabolic steroids with other products still including steroids) together during the same cycle in order to enhance the efficiency of the cycle.

Those who use anabolic steroids would agree that stacking is a very common thing because is very helpful and efficient.

That’s why there are a lot of people searching for what is working best with what; what specific steroids should be mixed together in order to receive maximum benefits and when searching for best stacks, you might notice that Oxandroloneis often present in many of them. That’s because this compound is not increasing the risks of side effects, but greatly enhances the efficacy of other steroids.

  • There is not a “best” OxandrolonosAnavar stacking because this highly depends on various factors. Anavar stacks are very different and they are very much, it highly depends on the purpose of running Oxandrolonos stacks, who exactly uses it (a man or a woman, their lifestyle, health condition etc.) as well as a number of other factors.

Nonetheless, Oxandrolone still remains as effective and this is a compound that is very helpful for both bulking and for cutting needs, both for men and women and that’s why stacking Anavar – Oxandrolonos is so widely popular.

So, before you would determine what’s the best OxandrolonosAnavar stacking, you need to take in consideration a few factors.

Yet, we can mention that OxandrolonosAnavar stacks are not very common during a bulking cycle for a man, that’s because there seem to be better options, yet it doesn’t mean that Anavar – Oxandrolonos for such needs is inefficient.

What is true is that OxandrolonosAnavar stacking is best working when added during a cutting cycle for a man. The situation is different when talking about Anavar stacks for a woman. It can be used for both needs because women are having a different response to Oxandrolone, therefore this anabolic steroid would work wonders for both bulking or cutting.

Anavar Stacking for Men

As said, Anavar stacks for men are most famous when the individual wants to shred body fat and maintain muscles – that’s called a cutting cycle.

AnavarOxandrolonos might be helpful for bulking too, but is mostly used for cutting due to its fat burning properties.

In most situations is recommended to add a testosterone (any ester) to Oxandrolonos – Anavar stacking because as any other steroid – Oxandrolone would inhibit the natural production of testosterone.

In fact, Testosterone is added to almost any cycle steroid stack. Oxandrolonos – Anavar stacked with testosterone is most common, but when you need for something even more, most men go for a third steroid like for example:


Anavar Stacking for Women

Women can stack Anavar (Oxandrolonos) for both bulking or cutting – regardless of their needs. That’s because Oxandrolone would be more efficient in growing muscles in women than men.

Is generally recommended for women who never used OxandrolonosAnavar to use it alone for the first time in order to check how the product works and if your body can handle with its effects.

Female athletes who are not beginners and want to stack Anavar – Oxandrolonos with other products for receiving even more results, here is a list of performance enhancing drugs (including some anabolic steroids) that would work wonders for their needs:

Anavar Stacks Duration and Dosage

Despite the fact that a cycle length can be longer, is not recommended to run Anavar – Oxandrolonos for longer than 8 weeks for men, and women shouldn’t ever take Anavar – Oxandrolonos for longer than 6 weeks.

This means that in case the total cycle length is 12 weeks, for example, Oxandrolone is used for only 8 weeks out of those 12 weeks for men. Same applies to cycles for women but maximum 6 weeks.

Generally, beginners should start at 4 weeks cycle length.

  • Same applies with the dosage – male beginners usually start at 30 mg, but it can reach up to maximum 100 mg for professionals.
  • Female beginners usually start at 5 mg, but it can reach up to 20 mg for women with vast experience with OxandrolonosAnavar stacks.

Dosage and cycle lengths depends on many factors.

For best Anavar stacking, buy best quality Oxandrolone from this website as we promise the best quality product for a low price sold as Oxandrolonos. Any other anabolic steroids that you plan to add during Oxandrolone – Anavar stacks can be purchased here too.

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Anabolic Steroids

Dbol Injections

Dianabol shortly called Dbol is one of the most commonly used performance enhancing products on the market, in fact, is considered the most famous steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. However, is a well known fact that Dianabol is coming in form of pills. Nonetheless, few people know that there are also Dbol injections.


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Pharmacom Labs is offering Dianabol pills as brand Dianabolos and you can find Dianabol injections as brand PharmaBol 100.

Injections are the exact same Dianabol product, but it doesn’t come as pills, but in form of oil solution that is meant to be used intramuscularly as injection. Therefore, is called Dianabol injection, or Dbol injections. Obviously, this is not a common method of administering Dianabol – pills are way more popular and famous, yet, there are still people who opt for this option, for Dbol injections.That’s why we’re going to have a closer look to Dbol injections here.

  • When comparing side by side, is pretty obvious that there are not too many differences between Dianabol pills (Dianabolos) and Dbol injections (Pharma Bol), taken in consideration that both offer same product, yet there are still some differences between these 2 compounds which can play an extremely important role for an athlete that is having some specific preferences when coming to building muscle mass.


So well, Dbol injections are the exact same Dianabol pills containing Methandrostenolone, but instead of coming as pills, the active substance is suspended in water and that’s very uncommon for injectable anabolic steroids because most steroids coming as injections are suspended in oil (but Methandienone is still not the only one). But you should know that this doesn’t change how the product is working and what it does.

With this being said, Dbol injections – Pharma Bol 100 are offering pretty much the exact same results as oral Dbol pills – Dianabolos. Plus to that, although usually injectable steroids are less hepatotoxic compared to oral ones, Dbol injections are still C17 alpha alkylated, meaning that it passes through the liver and is hepatotoxic.

  • Everything else is also similar: both are producing testosterone, both are highly aromatized converted into estrogen and therefore, the final results would be the same for both: incredibly fast muscle growth, huge increase in strength levels and overall big benefits when talking about physique and performance enhancement needs.

Either you run Dbol injections or oral Dianabol pills (Pharma Bol 100 or Dianabolos) – with both versions you need to have a good diet and a good training program for yielding best results and avoiding side effects.


Except for the obvious form of administration, there are few to no differences between injectable Dianabol and Dianabol tablet. Both the tablet and Dbol injections should be administered on a daily basis during the cycle. This is one of the main reason why Dbol pills are so more popular than injections – swallowing pills daily is easier than injecting something daily.

With all of that being said, what’s the reason getting Dbol injections at all?

Well, some people who used both versions suggest that they are both offering same side effects and results, nonetheless, injectable dbol still seem to be a little bit less toxic and seemingly – a bit more powerful too.

Other than that, you may get faster results because injections go right into the muscles compared to tablets that are firstly reaching your stomach. Both are extremely fast working, but Dbol injections seem to be a bit less toxic, a bit more powerful and a bit faster acting. Plus, seems to stay in your system a bit more.

Once again, the differences are definitely not too big, some people may not see any differences at all. That’s why, in the end, is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some people may love dbol injections, others may love pills.

In the end, you are likely to expect same side effects, same results and same benefits regardless of method of administration of Dianabol – Dianabolos or Pharma Bol.


Regardless which method of administration of Dbol you choose – you can buy best quality products directly from this website for extremely low price sold as Dianabolos and Pharma Bol 100.

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We offer both Dbol injections and Dbol pills of best possible quality for the cheapest possible price. Whatever method – make sure to use it properly and you would love the price vs quality of our products.

Anabolic Steroids

Dbol Steroid Pills

Dianabol is an extremely famous androgenic and anabolic steroid that is orally active coming as pills and is very often shortly called Dbol. With this being said, Dbol steroid pills are used by many athletes and bodybuilders all over the world with great success to help them gain muscle mass and strength.

Dianabol is an overall extremely helpful steroid for such needs and another part of the reason why is so famous is because it comes as oral pills. Since Dbol pills can be so easily administered and in the same time, they remain so helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes – no wonder that Dbol steroid pills are so popular and used all over the world.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Dianabol as brand Dianabolos – same active substance of same high quality for a cheaper price.


Buy Dbol steroid pills here.

Dbol steroid pills are amazingly effective both for beginners as well as for those who hit their plateau at some point when talking about gaining new muscle mass. It helps beginners to achieve great muscle mass in extremely short periods of time and helps people who hit plateau to get on track for progressing once again.

With this being said, this compound is capable to offer impressive results as Dianabol – Dianabolos would greatly boost your workouts.

What Actually Is Dbol Steroid Pills?

Dianabol – Dianabolos (Dbol) is an orally active steroid coming as pills and is considered to be the most popular and widely used anabolic steroid on the market for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement.

The active substance is actually Methandrostenolone (that is also known as Methandienone) and Dianabol is the first and most famous brand name for this active substance which was manufactured years ago by a company called CIBA. The production of this steroid has stopped, yet a lot of pharmaceutical companies are still manufacturing it and therefore is sold as Dianabolos instead of Dianabol by Pharmacom Labs (shortly Dbol).

Nowadays, anyone who is looking for serious gain during bulking cycles, would really appreciate Dbol steroid pills, that’s because they are easy to take, cheap, widespread, extremely effective for such needs and remain pretty safe when used properly.

Dbol steroid pills remain some of the most effective things when comes to help you boost the process of increasing strength and muscle gains.

You could find Methandrostenolone (Methandienone) in form of injection too, not only as pills. It remains same Dbol steroid but should be administered by injection intramuscularly.

Since there are no advantages of injections over Dbol pills – obviously the oral form of administration is by far the most widely used form of administering this anabolic steroid.


How to Take Dbol Steroid Pills?

Keep in mind that this is a very powerful anabolic steroid, this means that side effects can easily occur in case the compound is not being used properly. Dbol steroid pills may seem to be innocent, but by abusing them, you would really regret. The compound is made to be administered very carefully, with abusive doses, you would get side effects.

  • Dbol steroid pills are coming in strength doses per pill anywhere between 5 mg all the way up to 50 mg per tablet. Dianabolos by Pharmacom comes as 10 mg pill – the most convenient way to use Dbol since you need to take 30-50 mg a day in 2-3 administrations per day.

What you should keep in mind is that Dbol steroid pills are having very short half life, this means that they build up very quickly in your system, but they would get flushed out from your system as quickly.

With this being said, it means that Dianabolos –Dianabol pills must be taken throughout the day in order to maintain stable blood levels and therefore maximum benefits. Dianabolos – Dianabol pills are C17 alpha alkylated which means they are hepatotoxic. That’s why is preferred to use them with meals.

The dosage of Dianabolos –Dianabol steroid is ranged between 30 mg up to about 80 mg a day. The sweet spot that most users seem to prefer is 50 mg a day – perfect balance between side effects and benefits.

Because the compound is liver damaging – do not use it for longer than 4-6 weeks in cycle length.


Dianabol Side Effects

The compound seem to be pretty safe as long as is administered properly, but if abused or used improperly, side effects can occur. A few example of Dbol pills side effects include:

  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Increased water retention
  • Liver damage
  • Acne
  • Virilization for womendianabolos
  • Gynecomastia

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Anabolic Steroids

Buy Proviron

Buy Proviron if you want to greatly enhance the effectiveness of other anabolic steroids without further enhancing the side effects. Even more, adding Proviron to your steroid cycle as a stack, you won’t only benefit from boost efficiency, but you would also reduce some of the nastiest side effects from anabolic steroids, especially related to estrogenic activity, sexual performance and erectile dysfunction, as well as feeling dizzy and moody.

  • Pharmacom Labs is offering Proviron as a different brand name – Provironos. Nonetheless, you can be sure both offer same high quality Mesterolone, yet Proviron is more expensive.


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Is important to better understand this anabolic steroid before actually using it, that’s because this anabolic steroid doesn’t act as an anabolic steroid in the first place.

People who buy Proviron – Provironos should understand this and not expect muscle mass gains from it due to extremely low anabolic activity properties it possesses. That’s despite the fact that on paper, Mesterolone seem to offer a higher anabolic activity than testosterone, but that’s misleading.

So, Proviron – Provironos is a steroid that cannot grow muscle mass and is a compound that is worthless when used alone during a cycle for physique and performance enhancement needs.

Why would you buyProviron at all then? Because as mentioned, except for the fact that it would reduce the side effects from base steroids during the cycle, you would enhance the efficiency of the cycle.


What is Proviron?

Proviron is the brand name for the orally active androgen and dihydrotestosterone (shortly DHT) derived steroid that is called Mesterolone. As mentioned, is offered as Provironos instead, which is same Proviron but made by Pharmacom Labs – the reputable pharma manufacturer.

Mesterolone is the purest DHT steroid that you can find and with DHT steroids such as Proviron – Provironos, you won’t get any estrogenic activity but in fact, Mesterolone actually helps reduce the aromatization.

Although not considered an anabolic steroid by many, it still remains one, but it got popular years ago as an anti estrogen because of its great affinity to bind to aromatase enzyme.

Therefore, Proviron – Provironos serves as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI)replacement.

Why would you need it when there are actual aromatase inhibitors?

Because Provironos – Proviron (Mesterolone) offers further benefits such as high binding to androgen receptors as well as high binding to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which is offering enhanced efficiency of other steroids. That’s because SHBG is responsible for reducing free testosterone circulating in the body. With less SHBG, you get more free testosterone circulating in your body and great benefits.


OK, but what about testosterone suppression from steroids and other side effects? Proviron – Provironos is considered one of the absolute safest anabolic steroids you can find on the market. Is hard to find another with such a high safe profile. Side effects are possible to occur, but they are way less likely to appear compared to other steroids and they are much well tolerated too.

As in terms for testosterone suppression; studies done showed that a dosage of 200 mg a day won’t really suppress your HPTA and athletes almost never need doses more than that.

Buy Proviron – Provironos so you won’t need an aromatase inhibitor (unless you use really high doses of very aromatized compounds), you won’t really get side effects or HPTA suppression and in the same time, Mesterolone would protect your libido, would protect you from estrogen related side effects and enhance the cycle efficiency due to its binding ability to SHBG.

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  • Take the compound to a lab test to check it out yourself.
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Anabolic Steroids


Durabolin is the brand / trade name of the active substance Nandrolone and is the first brand of this ingredient. You may better know it as Deca Durabolin – this is the second version of Nandrolone but it got a longer ester attached.

Durabolin is containing Nandrolone Phenylpropionate whilst Deca Durabolin (commonly called shortly Deca) is containing Nandrolone Decanoate.



  • Durabolin (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) is sold as Pharma Nan Ph by Pharmacom Labs.
  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is sold as Pharma Nan D by Pharmacom Labs.

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Both contain same hormone as much as you can see, but Durabolin – Pharma Nan Ph offers a shorter half life because Phenylpropionate is a shorter ester than Decanoate. The difference is in time release of the product after it got injected (administered) with Deca Durabolin – Pharma Nan D having a long half life.

  • Many people love the longer half life because it requires less administration schedule (less pins frequency).
  • Yet many still appreciate the effectiveness of Durabolin – Pharma Nan Ph (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) because of the same reasons – having a shorter half life.

This means that the compound is flushed out of the body faster which comes with its advantages such as faster results, less detection time and side effects would last less in case they occur and you need to stop the use of Durabolin.

What is Durabolin – Nandrolone?

Regardless either you use Durabolin or Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate or Decanoate); (Pharma Nan Ph or D) you receive Nandrolone.

This is an extremely effective compound with favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio (higher anabolic and less androgenic than testosterone) and in addition to that, its aromatization liability is low.

The compound is amazing when you need to grow muscle mass. Such a steroid is mainly used as a steroid base during a stack. This means that whilst it can be used alone, it would be way more efficient and effective (as well as with less side effects) when used as a stack.


  • The compound is used for various needs both in medical settings as well as is very famous for physique and performance enhancement needs for athletes and bodybuilders.

Nandrolone is used for treatment of anemias, wasting syndromes, osteoporosis as well as other indications. With this being said, Durabolin – Pharma Nan Ph is pretty obvious to be helpful for those who want to grow muscles.

Is also one of the best steroids you can find for joint and wrists health and although is mostly considered a bulking compound, Durabolin – Pharma Nan Ph is doing a great job even for those searching for cutting cycles.

Durabolin Cycle

Durabolin is having a half life of about 3 days, this is the reason why the compound should be used every other day at very least. Many people use it daily in order to maintain maximum stable blood levels. Don’t use it less frequently than 3 days.

  • Dosage is anywhere between 300-400 mg per week (depending how you use it, split the dosage into daily doses) for beginners.
  • Intermediate users go for a dosage of about 500 mg per week or so of Pharma Nan Ph – Durabolin.
  • Lastly – professionals or advanced users usually opt for higher doses of about 600-800 mg per week.

Pharma Nan Ph – Durabolin cycle length is anywhere between 8 up to 12 weeks or so. There’s no need to go for longer cycles as with Deca (Pharma Nan D) because this compound usually enters and flushes out of your system faster.

Pharma Nan Ph – Durabolin alongside with Testosterone Propionate is going to make a great addition. A 8 weeks cycle length both taken in doses around 500 mg per week would offer amazing results in terms of gaining lean muscle mass and improving athletic performance.

Other Durabolin stacks include: Winstrol,Dianabol,Anadrol,Trenbolone and various others.


Durabolin Side Effects

There’s no difference between side effects of Durabolin and those from Deca Durabolin (Pharma Nan Ph or D). The difference is that they would disappear faster in case they appear. They go as:

  • Androgenic side effects
  • Estrogenic side effects
  • Cholesterol and cardiovascular side effects
  • And as any other steroid – testosterone suppression
  • Virilization for women is also possible

Yet, the side effects risks are lower compared to other steroids, even when compared to Testosterone or especially Trenbolone.

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