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Steroids Side Effects

Steroids side effects is an extremely popular phrase that can be seen anywhere as soon as you start researching steroids. In fact, steroids side effects are the first thing that comes into most people’s minds as soon as they think of steroids.

While it is true that steroids side effects are there and they can actually be pretty bad, it is a known fact that steroids are far not as bad as is being mentioned almost everywhere.

In fact, steroids can be extremely helpful. That’s why they are still very popular in medical circles given to patients with many different health conditions but they are also very popular among athletes.

Steroids are capable of enhancing performance and improving bodily image. But that’s only when talking about anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).


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Steroids are categorized in corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids are ineffective for athletic needs so we won’t talk about them and their side effects. We would only talk about anabolic steroids side effects.

  • Usually, you need more steroid dosages to reach the goals of growing muscles and burning fat. But, unfortunately, a lot of people use way higher doses than they should in an attempt to grow muscles. That’s what leads to steroids’ side effects.

Avoid Steroids Side Effects

We highly recommend everyone who thinks about running steroids for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement – do it wisely and with a big care.

  • The higher the dosage – the more steroids side effects.
  • The longer the cycle length – the more steroids side effects.
  • The stronger the steroid you run – the more steroids side effects.

In short, steroids side effects can be avoided and controlled but only as long as you do it carefully and wisely. We can help you with that but in whatever case, you need to remember that it all depends on you.


The benefits vs side effects ratio depend on many different factors such as dosage, type of steroid, personal response to the compounds, length of cycle, stacking or not, other drugs and medicines administered, age, gender, goals, and many others.

That’s why anabolic steroids are so helpful for some people, but they can be really detrimental for others.

Make sure you use them properly and make sure that you are a person who responds well to them because there are some people with natural low tolerance or allergies or hypersensitivity who simply do not respond well enough.

Also, make sure you do not have certain pre-existing health conditions because adding steroids may aggravate them. Especially when talking about liver issues, heart issues, blood pressure issues, cholesterol related issues, and others.

What are the anabolic steroids side effects?

When anabolic steroids are used for adequate amounts of time in adequate dosages – they are actually having low risks of harmful side effects that would be long term.

But remember that genetics are playing a crucial role in how anabolic steroids can affect you. In addition to that, remember that there is a ratio of androgenic to anabolic of steroids that is going to determine what type of side effects you would get and how bad they can be.

Remember that the more anabolic a product is – the more muscles you can grow. The more androgenic is – the more it affects the male sexual characteristics (boosting them).


Steroids Side Effects Examples

In the end, here are examples of steroids side effects:

  • Increasing the risks of heart diseases
  • Damages to your liver and kidneys
  • Psychological related issues especially making you more aggressive and impulsive
  • Estrogen related issues such as gynecomastia, water retention, fat gains, and others
  • Androgen related issues such as acne, male pattern hair loss, and others
  • Suppresses natural testosterone production and changes your hormonal balance
  • May offer sex sexual related side effects
  • Has negative effects on your cholesterol values
  • Cardiovascular related issues
  • Women are likely to suffer from virilization (masculinization process) such as facial and bodily hair growth; deeper voice; shrinking breasts and head hair; irregular periods; growing clitoris and others

Generally, women are more exposed to steroids side effects, because they naturally have a way lower tolerance than men. That’s why women using steroids for athletic purposes are only recommended a few steroids and those in much lower doses than men and for shorter periods.


If you want to stay away from steroids side effects, you need to make sure you use them correctly. And also, to get the best quality steroids because lower quality ones may offer even more side effects.


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