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How to Inject Testosterone

Thinking about your first steroid cycle and you read that testosterone is the first steroid recommended to beginners but don’t know how to inject testosterone? You found the perfect place!

First off – I recommend not following anyone’s cycle plan because we’re all so different. Fill up the cycle advice on our website and you’ll get help from professional athletes and bodybuilders in determining the right testosterone dosage and cycle plan for you and your needs.

Now, I would recommend you to check videos about how to inject testosterone but before you do that, carefully read this post. You would find it very useful in performing your first shot of intramuscular injections. Be it testosterone or whatever other injectable anabolic steroids.

  • BEWARE! Testosterone and many other steroids (and medicines) need to be injected into a muscle to work.

In the case of testosterone, there are other forms of administration. However, they are either ineffective, extremely expensive and/or cause way more side effects compared to the injectable testosterone version. So, a general consensus is that injection is the only form of using testosterone for bodybuilding and fitness cycles. Is also almost always used for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in medical settings.


At first, it’s normal that you may feel nervous about giving yourself a shot. Nevertheless, for a veteran anabolic steroid user, performing a self injection is nothing more than just a routine. You will find out that injecting testosterone is actually very easy, painless, and effortless after the first few shots.

Make sure you follow the proper injection techniques in order to avoid infections, irritations, rashes, contamination, PIPs (Post Injection Pains), and whatever other issues.

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Where to Inject Testosterone?

Before we explain how to correctly perform a self-injection of testosterone, you need to know the best places to inject testosterone. Usually, large muscles are the best spots. There are mainly three spots where you can perform intramuscular shots. Albeit these are not the only areas where you can inject testosterone, they are by far the most common ones. I also don’t recommend injecting in other spots (unless you are sure of what you’re doing) because of the risks of hitting a nerve or a blood vessel.

So, it goes like this:

  • Thighs are the most popular muscles for performing self-injections. Large muscles with easy access.
  • Glutes are also popular because they are large muscles too and you’re unlikely to hit a vein or vessel. But they are not as easy to reach as the thighs muscles.
  • Deltoids are popular injection spots too. It’s easy to access. But not as large an area with muscles.

That’s why, assuming you’re a beginner, I would recommend finding the perfect spot in your thighs muscles.

What Do I Need?

Of course, before you give yourself an intramuscular shot of testosterone or whatever other injectable anabolic steroids, you need to have all the equipment/ materials/ accessories ready.

You need a few alcohol wipes, cotton swabs and/or band-aids, the medication bottle, a container for disposing of needles and other accessories after performing the shot, one larger needle (from 18 up to 21 gauge) for drawing the medication, and one thinner needle (from 22 to 23 gauge) for injection the medication and a syringe, usually of 1-2 mL (cc).

Sanitize Everything

Keep everything as sterile as possible. Sanitize the objects and surfaces that you’re going to use. Clean everything and wipe everything before using it. For example – each time you plan to perform a shot – carefully wash your hands. Use antibacterial soap to make sure there are no bacteria on your hands. Also, before drawing the medication from the bottle – wipe the lid of the bottle with an alcohol pad. Before actually injecting the medication – wipe the immediate area on your skin. All of this prevents contamination and infection. You need to reduce the risks as much as possible. After washing hands, never touch dirty or unsanitized objects or surfaces.

Something obvious that I still need to highlight is never using the same syringe, band-aid, alcohol pad, or syringe twice. It is of utmost importance to throw away any used accessories and materials as soon as you use them once. Cleaning/washing/wiping/sanitizing them won’t help.

It’s extremely important to keep everything as clean as possible. Sanitize everything that you’re going to use. Keep items sealed until the moment you’re right about using them. Keep items, surfaces, and your hands sterile and clean. Infections and contaminations can be bad if you won’t follow the proper sanitization techniques.


Load the Syringe

  1. Remove the cover of your medication bottle and wipe the cap with an alcohol pad.
  2. Unseal the syringe and the drawing needle (18-21 gauge). Attach the needle (uncapped) to the syringe unless it comes pre-attached. Never touch the needle or the tip of the syringe with your hands.
  3. Remove the needle cap and draw air into the syringe by pulling the plunger on the syringe. Draw air to the exact mark of the amount you plan to use. 0.5 ml of solution = draw air at the 0.5 ml mark. 1 ml of solution = draw air at 1 ml mark.
  4. Insert the needle into the medication bottle through the pre-wiped lid. Turn the bottle upside down (the needle is pointing up at this moment).
  5. Inject the air inside the medication bottle to increase the pressure. Because testosterone is a viscous thick solution, you may find it hard to draw. Increasing pressure helps with this.
  6. While keeping the needle below the level of fluid (to draw it), pull back the plunger to draw the medication.
  7. Once you hit the mark you need, remove the needle from the bottle and place the medication bottle down.
  8. Keep the needle (and syringe) pointing up and flick the side of the syringe. This helps all air bubbles go at the top of the syringe.
  9. Recap and remove the drawing needle (larger and thicker 18-21 gauge needle).
  10. Attach the injection needle (smaller and thinner 22-23 gauge needle). Remove the cap.
  11. Depress the plunger slowly until you see a tiny drop of medication coming out of the needle tip. Make sure there are no air bubbles left in the solution. (Injecting air bubbles into your body can lead to embolism).

Performing the Intramuscular Injection

  1. While sitting in a comfortable position, choose a spot. Either behind your hip (glutes), or most commonly, on your thigh. Better perform the shot after a relaxing hot shower and don’t perform it in muscles that are already sore. The more relaxed your muscles are, the less likely you are to experience pain.
  2. Wipe the skin with an alcohol pad to kill the bacteria and wait for it to dry.
  3. Remove the cap from the injection needle.
  4. Hold the syringe with your dominant hand like a dart at a 90 degree angle close to the injection site. The needle needs to be straight up from the skin. Don’t hold the fingers on the plunger!
  5. At the same time, with your non-dominant hand, spread the skin using your index finger and the thumb where you plan to inject.
  6. Gently but quickly, insert the needle all the way down into the skin. Don’t do it too aggressively but don’t do it too slowly either. With a single and fast move make sure the needle fully pierces your skin until reaching the muscles.
  7. While holding the syringe with one hand, don’t inject, but pull back the plunger with the other hand. In case you notice there’s blood drawing while pulling it back a little, it means that you hit a vein. You need to pull out the needle, throw it away, attach another injection needle and search for a different injection site. Repeat the process until you don’t draw blood.
  8. When you find a spot that doesn’t draw blood – push the plunger all the way in, slowly and steadily. About 30 seconds for one mL (cc) is perfect.
  9. Take the needle out at the same angle.

Post Injection Care

  1. Wipe the shot area with an alcohol wipe again.
  2. Apply a band-aid and/or a cotton swab over the shot area if you’re bleeding.
  3. Dispose of everything you used. Never use the same syringe, needle, or alcohol pads more than once. Use special containers for needles.


Post Injection Pains – PIPs

If that is your first ever intramuscular shot – you may experience PIPs. Commonly because the muscles are “virgin” to shots. It usually goes away soon. However, if you have abnormal levels of pain and/or rashes and/or irritations then it could be a sign of improper injection techniques or allergies.

Here are a few tips to avoid or reduce PIPs:

  • Warm the solution before injection. Could try keeping it under your armpit or under hot running water.
  • Inject after a hot shower. It’s important to have your muscles as relaxed as possible.
  • Don’t inject more than 2 mL at once. The less you inject, the less likely you to get pains
  • Higher concentrations – higher chances of PIPs. That’s why avoid those of 500 mg/ml and opt for those of 200-250 mg/ml.
  • Shorter esters – higher chances of PIPs. Usually, the longer the ester is – the less pain you get.
  • Inject the solution slowly – about 30 seconds per mL. Fast injecting is more likely to cause pain.

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