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If you ever wondered for effective and fairly safe ways to lose fat while simultaneously building lean muscle tissues then it is no wonder you’ve found this article “Buy Primobolan”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered to use Primobolan in an attempt to achieve his fascinating physique during his Mr. Olympia days. And as much as we can notice in Arnie’s example, Primo remains safe too. Considering that you want to grow lean muscle tissues, burn fat and display a physical appearance at least anywhere close to Mr. Arnold and at the same time – remain healthy and be safe, Primobolan is a perfect choice.PRIMOMED-100-Methenolone-Enanthate-DEUS-MEDICAL

Primobolan has one of the safest steroid profiles in the world. When used correctly, it is not liver toxic, does not aromatize, won’t be dangerous in terms of androgenic activity, and would even help with some anti-estrogenic effects too.

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The active substance is Methenolone and this AAS is not having huge anabolic and androgenic activities. But it is still going to work highly effectively for your goals. It is used as a booster with a high success rate.

Buy Primobolan Oral vs Injection

Before you get to buy Primobolan, you may wonder which version to choose? You may have noticed there are Primobolan tablets and injectable Primobolan.

  • Methenolone Enanthate comes as intramuscular injections while Methenolone Acetate indicates the oral injection form.

We recommend oral Primo to women (because it is one of the very few steroids that women can run) and injections to men. Let’s explain.

Tablets of Primo are not C17AA. This means they are less liver toxic, but they are less bioavailable too, making them less effective than injections. Additionally, Methenolone Enanthate half-life is about 7-9 days while Methenolone Acetate half-life is about 6-8 hours. With this being said, when women run Primo as tablets and in case of developing virilizing effects – the tablets are flushed out of the system much faster. Plus, usually, cycles with injections are much longer than those with tablets. Because injections enter the system much slower. And women usually run cycles of a maximum of 6 weeks, but men at least 8 weeks.


  • So, if you’re a woman searching to buy Primobolan – I recommend oral Methenolone Acetate.
  • But if you’re a man searching to buy Primobolan – I recommend injectable Methenolone Enanthate.

Primobolan For Sale

Regardless of the form of Primobolan you choose, or the brand, it is quite obvious there are 2 main factors to come at play:

  1. Highest quality and purity compound
  2. Lowest price for it

That’s especially taking into consideration that Primobolan has the “disadvantage” over other steroids of being more expensive. Since it is “milder” but “more expensive” it’s of great interest to scammers. They are trying to make a profit by selling fake Primo. Either no Methenolone at all or selling it with low quality and purity. Others actually selling Methenolone are simply offering overpriced compounds.

But now you can buy Primobolan steroid for sale directly from and you will get the absolute lowest possible price for each brand of this compound.


Regardless of whether it comes as pills or injections. Also, you can be sure it is made of the highest quality and purity considering that we’re a store of steroids working exclusively with GMP accredited companies.

GMP is a special accreditation. Only those manufacturers that are working under the strictest international standards have this accreditation. This includes raw products, technologies, employees, and the entire manufacturing process. In the end, you’ll buy Primobolan – Methenolone making sure it is 100% real and quality.


In the end, Primobolan is an extremely effective steroid. It is very rare when “safe” and “steroids” can be used together. But Primobolan is a steroid that we can call fairly safe. It is not going to make you a mass monster, but you’re definitely going to develop an aesthetic physique. Additionally, it would enhance performance and your overall health. Primobolan enhances strength, stamina, and energy as well as your immune system and metabolism.Primobol-10ml-Balkan-Pharmaceuticals

  • 2 downsides of Primobolan are: people often fake it and the real Methenolone is fairly expensive.

But if you use to buy Primobolan for sale – you avoid both these problems.

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