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Primobolan is also known shortly as Primo or by its active ingredient Methenolone. However, there are many other brands except for Primobolan containing Methenolone.

This is an extremely popular anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) despite being less powerful than most other AAS out there. Since it is less powerful, it is often underestimated which is a big mistake.

  • The compound is highly effective – after all, it was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. There are numerous other professional bodybuilders who used Methenolone with great success.

This is because Primo is not only effective but is safer compared to most steroids out there.

So, you could get yourself a relatively safe and highly effective anabolic steroid. You just need to learn more about it. How to use it, what you can expect from it etc.

What is Methenolone?


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Methenolone (the most popular brand Primobolan) is a DHT derived steroid. It comes both as an injectable and oral version. The steroid was used in the 1960s for different medical needs but then it was discontinued in the USA.

But bodybuilders and athletes still find it highly effective for improving their physical appearance and enhancing their performance and muscle mass. This is a steroid used mostly in cutting cycles and only alongside other anabolic steroids to get maximum effects.

There are 2 different Methenolone versions.

Methenolone Enanthate

The injectable Primobolan comes as an oil solution and Methenolone has Enanthate attached ester. Same ester as in Testosterone Enanthate or any other steroid. Therefore offers the same half life of around 7-10 days.

This is a more popular version than oral. Is more powerful and not liver toxic.

Methenolone Acetate

Oral Primo coming as pills is used mostly by women, although some men who don’t love pining go for it. Primobolan oral has a half life of 4-6 hours so should be used on a daily basis. Multiple times a day to maintain stable levels in the blood.

Also, Methenolone Acetate is not C17 Alpha alkylated so is much less liver toxic than other oral steroids. But is still somewhat stressful for the liver and has way lower bioavailability.

Primobolan Benefits


Methenolone is mostly beneficial when talking about cutting cycles because it won’t be great at adding muscles. But would do a great job in maintaining the current muscle mass during low calorie diets. Is because it has great nitrogen retention properties. Plus, it would speed up the muscle recovery process.

It may help you add lean muscles, but not that much. However, all muscles gained would be lean and dry. Methenolone is not aromatizing into estrogen. In fact, it has some anti-estrogenic properties. That’s why by adding Primo to your cycle you’re likely to avoid the need for aromatase inhibitors.

In the end, Primobolan is known to make other steroids more effective and has muscle hardening effects.

You would appear more defined, harder and fuller. Fat loss, vascularity boost, and strength improvements are expectable too.

Primobolan Dosage

When using injectable Primo – twice a week administration is enough. Oral Primo should be used twice a day.

  • Men usually go for injectable Primobolan in a dosage of 300-600 mg per week most commonly. Cycle lengths are commonly 8-12 weeks. Is always used alongside Testosterone base steroids.


  • Women only go for oral versions of Methenolone Acetate. The dosage is ranging between 10 mg and 30 mg a day. Primobolan cycles for women shouldn’t exceed 6 weeks, but most stop at 4 weeks. Sometimes it is stacked with Anavar (Oxandrolone). But although this would make it more effective, virilization symptoms are more likely to occur too.

Primobolan Side Effects

Methenolone is not as powerful as other AAS, nonetheless, side effects are still likely to occur when abused. It does carry some side effects so be careful with it. As mentioned, women are likely to get masculinizing effects. It does have a suppression rate over the natural production of testosterone for men. A PCT plan is very important after a Primo cycle.

Estrogen related issues won’t occur, but since it is a DHT derived steroid, the androgen ones are likely to appear. Hair loss, oily skin, acne, and aggression can be noticed.

As with any other steroid, a negative impact on cholesterol and blood pressure may be seen too.

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Primobolan is an old historical steroid that used to be among the favorite steroids of old-school bodybuilders. And is still extremely popular nowadays. The compound is highly effective while is not as nasty in terms of side effects.

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