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Oxandrolone Bodybuilding

Oxandrolone is better known as Anavar – the most famous brand name of this compound. Oxandrolone is widely used in bodybuilding and anyone searching for physique and performance enhancement would find Oxandrolone super helpful.

This is a synthetic androgenic and anabolic steroid that is orally active coming as pills and tablets and is highly effective for bodybuilding yet remaining much safer in terms of negative side effects compared to most other steroids out there.

Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is very helpful and popular, yet is best known as market name Anavar. Other brand names are also available containing Oxandrolone. For example, Pharmacom Labs is offering Oxandrolonos. Oxandrin was the first brand name. Anavar is popular brand but Oxandrolonos by Pharmacom Labs is most affordable.


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What is Oxandrolone Used for in Bodybuilding?

Oxandrolonos – Anavar with active ingredient Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is an extremely popular steroid because is considered to be a very safe compound, compared to all other steroids, when taken in consideration all common side effects related to most steroids, but remains highly efficient.

So, whilst Oxandrolone is not going to offer too nasty side effects, the compound is still going to be very helpful for physique and performance enhancement as it would help user to gain muscle mass, become stronger, boost recovery time, burn body fat and overall improvement in performance and physical outlook.

  • Anavar – Oxandrolonos comes as pills and has a half life of about 9-10 hours. Hence, bodybuilders use it at least every 12 hours, 2 times a day.

Is important to mention that Oxandrolone for bodybuilding and Oxandrolone-Bodybuilding-man-bodycompetitive sports is being classified as a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) – the chemical Oxandrolone, regardless either is Anavar or Oxandrolonos. The product is capable to be detected for approximately one month or so, that’s why be careful if you are going to pass an anti doping test. Oxandrolone is most likely in the list of banned substances.

AnavarOxandrolone is a popular compound for cutting cycles, therefore is mostly considered a cutting steroid.

That’s because this product is highly effective for weight loss purposes, pretty much like Clenbuterol – Meltos by Pharmacom Labs is, but with different benefits and results.

Clenbuterol is burning body fat only, Anavar – Oxandrolonos is helping you to gain lean muscle mass too, making you stronger and boosting recovery rate too.

That’s why, Clenbuterol (Meltos) is used solely for burning fat, Anavar (Oxandrolonos) is not. They are often stacked together in the same cycle for amazing shredding effect.

Oxandrolone, being a highly effective orally active steroid, is still safe, relatively safe. That’s the reason why Anavar – Oxandrolonos is considered the top most famous and widely used steroid among women needing steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

But Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is super popular among men too. Especially beginners. This is a good AAS to start with your steroid journey (if you never used steroids) and is still a very good addition to professional bodybuilders as it can work as an amazing booster.

Oxandrolone in Bodybuilding Dosages

Women using OxandrolonosAnavar for bodybuilding should start at 5-10 mg a day of Oxandrolone. They find the dosage of 10-15 mg a day to be the sweet spot. 20 mg a day is their maximum. Higher doses increase the risk of side effects.

Oxandrolonos – Anavar for men is dosed between 20 mg and 100 mg a day.

  • 20-30mg daily is the perfect dosage for beginners.
  • With time you can double up the dosage and 50 mg a day of Oxandrolone is the sweet spot for men.
  • Some increase the dosage but you shouldn’t use more than 100 mg a day.
  • In fact, doses over 70 mg a day should be attempted only by professionals.

Women may stack it with ClenbuterolMeltos only.

Men may stack it with Clenbuterol (Meltos), Testosterone (Pharma Test), Dianabol (Dianabolos), Winstrol (Stanos) or other compounds.




Anavar – Oxandrolonos was firstly created for helping people with muscular atrophy, but then later, Oxandrolone was found super helpful in bodybuilding because it has amazing abilities to grow muscles and retain them whilst helping you to lose body fat.

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Anabolic Steroids

Tbol Only Cycle

Before we’re actually going to talk about Tbol only cycle, is important to mention here that a Turinabol only cycle is, in fact, pretty rarely implemented taken in consideration that this compound is known to do a good job at binding to SHBG. This means that the effectiveness of other anabolic steroids mixed with Tbol would be enhanced and they would work at their best.

Is important to mention that Pharmacom Labs is offering Turinabol (Tbol) as brand name Turinabolos. Although different brand name – same active substance and quality. The only difference is in the name and the price, Turinabolos being much affordable.


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Based on what is mentioned earlier – that’s one of the reason why Tbol only cycle is not as popular. But there is another reason: Turinabol – Turinabolos is an anabolic steroid and as any other, is suppressing the production of testosterone. That’s why is very often stacked with a testosterone base steroid.

  • When the testosterone is added, the suppression of testosterone is not a problem and the testosterone added is getting enhanced effectiveness.

pharma-test-e-testosterone-enanthateThis is the reason why Testosterone (and most commonly Enanthate) as brand Pharma Test E (or P / C depending on ester) by Pharmacom Labs is added to most TurinabolosTurinabol cycles.

This stack is going to be extremely effective both for bulking (although rarely used) and for cutting and is also going to be good enough both for beginners and intermediate users.

Tbol Only Cycle Explained

In rare situations, Turinabol – Turinabolos is used alone during the cycle. It can be used by absolute beginners who never used any anabolic steroids and they introduce steroids the first time to their bodies, it can be used by female athletes as they shouldn’t combine multiple steroids or it can be used by intermediate users who do not find a stack working well for them (due to side effects or whatever other reasons). tbol-only-cycle-great-body-man

The TurinabolosTurinabol cycle is going to be great at boosting the muscle mass and cutting fat. Nonetheless, the Tbol only cycle is still rarely used because the compound is considered pretty mild, so is very often used for enhancing the effectiveness of other more powerful steroids.

  • NOTE! When Turinabol (Turinabolos) is added with other steroids, there is a higher risk of hepatotoxicity, hence Tbol only cycle is much better for your liver (unlike you add injectables that do not affect your liver).

Another advantage of Tbol only cycle is that you could go for longer cycle and/ or in higher doses. This may offer better results. Although is recommended to use lower doses of 2 steroids than one steroid in higher dose.

Nonetheless, if you find Turinabol stacked too harsh, you may find Tbol only cycle to work great for you when gaining mass and improving physical appearance with an overall boost in performance.

Tbol Only Cycle Benefits


  • High Quality Gains

Because Tbol is not aromatizing and doesn’t convert into estrogen, all gains made with TurinabolosTurinabol are lean and quality; long lasting.

  • Unlikely to Receive Harsh Side Effects

Turinabol (Turinabolos) is an anabolic steroid that does offer negative side effects, but you are much less likely to receive them by using Tbol only cycle since the compound is pretty mild. Your liver is also going to be safer too.

  • Good Both for Cutting and Bulking

Although the compound is not going to help you add as much muscles as more powerful wet steroids, you are still going to gain lean muscle mass. In the same time, the product helps you to burn body fat. Hence, the compound is amazing both for bulking and for cutting cycles.

  • Oral Steroid

Because you run Turinabol – Turinabolos alone, you do not need to inject yourself with anything. Plus, because of its pretty long half life for an oral steroid of 16 hours, you do not need to swallow pills too often. Once or maximum twice is a day is going to be enough.

  • Not Expensive

Tbol only cycle is also great because you do not need to spend money on multiple steroids, therefore, you are going to save money. Turinabol itself is not expensive. Especially when buying it as Turinabolos by Pharmacom.

  • Amazing Results

Despite being considered a milder product, the compound is still highly effective. Therefore, you are going to notice amazing results in terms of performance enhancement and the way you look (body improvements).

How to Run Tbol Only Cycle

The compound is taken once or twice a day. Stable blood levels are maximum maintained when is used every 12 hours. Split total daily dose and use them in 2 even halves every 12 hours.

Make sure to have a good diet and workout regimen. Run a PCT plan at the end of the cycle and run liver protective compounds with cycle supporting products during the cycle.

  • Minimum dosage for cutting and strength is going to be 20 mg a day. That’s for beginners.
  • Maximum is going to be around 70 mg a day, that’s for advanced users.
  • 50 mg a day is the sweet spot.

Minimum TurinabolosTurinabol dosage for bulking is going to be 30 mg a day for beginners. Maximum is around 100 mg a day, for absolute professionals. 50-70 mg a day is still the sweet spot.

Tbol only cycle is run for anywhere between 4-8 weeks.

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Anabolic Steroids

Anavar Hair Loss

Anavar is one of the best anabolic steroid that you can use if you are being worried about hair loss. Anavar with the active substance Oxandrolone is an orally active anabolic steroid that was derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is having an extremely favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio of 320:20.

With this being mentioned, Anavar is one of the less androgenic steroids that you can find on the market (alongside with PrimobolanMethenolone). Nonetheless, Anavar is much more powerful and anabolic than Primo and hence is much popular and widely used.

As a result, people who are being concerned about hair loss issues, this steroid is going to be perfect for your needs, is one of the safest steroids that you can obtain for your hair.


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In fact, Anavar (Oxandrolone) has been included in the list of steroids that don’t cause hair loss.

Those steroids that are not causing too much hair loss are those that do not highly covert into dihydrotestosterone and don’t have too much androgenic activity. Anavar is a DHT derivative and is not converted into DHT that much, all along with very low androgenic activity rating of only 20 (whereas base testosterone androgenic activity rating is 100 and Trenbolone’s is 500).

People worried about shredding hair should basically search for some milder anabolic steroids that are not going to offer as bad effects on your hair such as

  • Anavar
  • Primobolan
  • Deca

These are the safest steroids for saving your hair. no-anavar-hair-loss-bodybuilder

Nonetheless, do not assume that they are absolutely safe. Anavar and hair loss is still possible to occur, usually it happens in sensitive individuals and/ or those that administer huge doses of Oxandrolone.

  • IMPORTANT! Despite what logic says, there are some users who reported that they have noticed the opposite effect and they had their hair actually growing back thicker in the time of using Anavar – Oxandrolone.

Be sure that not all steroids are like Anavar. By using anabolic steroids that are stronger in terms of androgenic activity like for example:

Then you are very likely to aggravate the hair loss situation.

  • NOTE! Due to pretty much the same reasons earlier mentioned, men are also much less likely to experience androgen related side effects, other than just hair loss on Anavar cycle. Some other symptoms include: acne, aggression, bad skin condition and others.


Other than that, due to same reasons, Anavar is considered the best steroid for women for fitness purposes when they want to enhance performance and improve physical appearance.

Worst problem among women with steroids is virilization (the process of masculinization) and Anavar is considered to offer the mildest effects compared to all other steroids.

No wonder Anavar is mildest for hair loss too.

Hair loss during Anavar cycle greatly depends on various factors:

  • Your age
  • Your genetic make-up
  • Your Anavar dosage
  • Your Anavar cycle length
  • Your lifestyle

If you have a lifestyle that aggravates hair loss, obviously adding Anavar is not good. If you increase dosage or cycle length of Anavar, that’s going to have a negative impact. Lower doses are safer for hair loss. Your age obviously play a big role, no need to explain why. And your genetic make-up is one of the most important factors. Some people are predisposed to hair loss (even without Anavar), others are not, and they won’t lose their hair even with Anavar, even with high doses.

How to Minimize Hair Loss?

There is a “method” how you could minimize hair loss, except for having a normal cycle and dosage of Anavar alongside with normal and healthy lifestyle.

The method is called “DHT inhibitors”.

We lose hair because of DHT and by using DHT inhibitors like Proscar, you would reduce DHT levels and hence, you would save your hair.

Usually, that’s added only to “inevitable” hair loss effects in rare situations.

However, we need to warn you that DHT inhibitors have lots of side effects, that’s why we highly recommend to read and inform yourself about them as much as possible, before actually using them.

In the end, Anavar hair loss induced is very rarely happening, so you most likely won’t need any DHT inhibitors.



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Anabolic Steroids

Buying Anavar Online

One anabolic steroid that seem to be perfect almost all round (unlike most others) is Anavar. Therefore, lots of people search for ways of buying Anavar online, that’s why, we come with a solution – use our source. Buying Anavar online is extremely easy when you use our website as your anabolic steroid store. Anavar is sold as brand Oxandrolonos by Pharmacom Labs.

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We do understand that buying Anavar online involves risks.

There are scammers that try to rip off your money by taking your money and not sending you anything, or selling low quality or/ and under dosed products.

And that’s especially when talking about buying Anavar online taken in consideration that this is one of the most famous anabolic steroid that you can find on the market and is also one of the most pricey one.

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Why Buy Anavar?

If you are wondering why buy specifically Anavar instead of other steroids then most likely you’re a beginner. Well, Anavar (Oxandrolonos) is perfect for steroid beginners. Without being too harsh on your organs and body, it can greatly help you transform your body making you more powerful and enhancing your strength levels.

Oxandrolonos – Anavar has been proven to:buying-anavar-online-man-body

  • Very efficiently decrease visceral fat as well as total body fat
  • Boost nitrogen retention, which is great if you go through calorie deficit and don’t want to lose your muscles made prior.
  • Increases protein synthesis rate in skeletal muscles that allows you to keep on growing further.
  • Is great at increasing dietary energy as well as the intake of proteins.
  • Greatly enhancing the muscle functions, their abilities to grow as well as their strength. Your overall physical activity levels would be boosted.
  • Is a substitute for the natural loss of the androgen and estrogen hormones, needed to grow.

However, keep in mind that in order to reach all the amazing benefits of Oxandrolonos / AnavarOxandrolone, you’ve got to learn how to properly use it. Anavar, exactly as anything else in existence, is worthless for physique and performance enhancement needs, as long as you won’t have a clean diet and training on point.

Also, you cannot expect any good results as long as you get under quality or under dosed products. Anavar is great when is used correctly and obviously, when you get real Oxandrolone as brand Oxandrolonos by Pharmacom Labs.

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