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Sustanon Cycle

Sustanon is a very famous anabolic steroid because is offering the extremely powerful and helpful hormone for physique and performance enhancement – testosterone. Sustanon 250 is the brand / trade name and is the most famous one compared to all others that you may find as is the first brand for the testosterone mixture.

Nonetheless, Pharmacom Labs is offering different forms of Sustanon with different brand names: Pharma Sust 250, Pharma Sust 300 and Pharma Sust 500. The difference in number indicates the amount of testosterones per ml.

Sustanon 250 contains a blend of 4 different testosterone esters exactly as each form of Pharmacom Labs product: Pharma Sust. You may find them being sold and used by many people separately alone, but the mixture of these testosterone together is a very famous product that is used both in medical settings and in bodybuilding world.

pharmacom_sustanon_250The final result of using Sustanon 250 – Pharma Sust is the same – increased testosterone levels, as with any other esterified form of testosterone, but how the increased T levels would work, greatly depends on each person.

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  • The blend of testosterones was made in order to make the person receive stable blood levels. Plus, the product contains short testosterone esters and long ones. The short esters would offer quick increase in testosterone while the longer ones would allow users to have not as frequent injections. The combination of the 2 forms would make users receive stable blood levels and hence, maximum results.

What kind of benefits and results you may get from testosterone are very different. Someone may get huge increase in muscle mass, others may receive huge androgen related side effects.

There are very big differences in final outcome. It greatly depends on different factors such as the person’s size, age, gender, lifestyle, dosage of Sustanon (Pharma Sust), cycle and so on and so forth.

In the end, in order to get maximum results and little to no side effects is important to know how to cycle Sustanon (Pharma Sust).

That’s why, except for the obvious fact that you need to workout and have a clean diet, you’ve got to learn more about Sustanon (Pharma Sust), its side effects, what you can expect out of using it, and so on and so forth, but most importantly, you’ve got to learn about Sustanon cycle.

Learning About Sustanon Cycle

There are different Pharma Sust – Sustanon cycles. Someone may need testosterone alone, others may need it for medical purposes because their doctors prescribed them, there are cutting Sustanon cycles, there are bulking Sustanon cycles, there are Sustanon cycles for beginners, advanced users, professionals and so on and so forth.


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  • Which one you need depends on you. For example, Pharma Sust – Sustanon cycles for beginners are usually 8 weeks long and not over 500 mg a week.
  1. Pharma Sust – Sustanon cycle for professionals can be as high as 1500 mg per week in dosage (although we only recommend a maximum of 1000 mg per week in terms of safeness) and 12 weeks cycle.
  • However, most people use Pharma Sust – Sustanon cycle in dosage between 500 and 800 mg per week. It seems to be the best dosage to keep side effects at bay at high effectiveness.

Other than that, bulking cycles usually require higher dosages because this way you can grow muscles and in the same time, cutting cycles are requiring lower dosages and with aromatase inhibitors.

Users are also capable to add steroids to their sustanon cycle. In fact, Sustanon is one of the most famous addition to all cycles because it offers the required testosterone boost during the anabolic steroid cycle for physique and performance enhancement.

We recommend to start the Sustanon cycle slowly and only increase the dosage as you need. Start with about 300 mg per week for 8 weeks. Then you would reach up to about 600 mg per week for 10 weeks but do not go over 1000 mg per week for 12 weeks.

All Sustanon cycles should be followed by a Post Cycle Therapy plan.

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