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Primobolan Side Effects

The most common Primobolan side effects include oily skin and hair thinning which may lead to acne and hair loss. Women may suffer from increased growth of hair on the body and/or face as well as menstrual issues. Men may develop anger issues. Both genders could suffer from insomnia and may notice mental and mood changes.

  • However, it is considered that the side effects of Primobolan are much milder and less common compared to the side effects risks of most other anabolic steroids.


That’s why people who are at higher risks of developing side effects from steroids would love Primobolan. The steroid is less likely to cause nasty side effects. Or cause side effects at all.

Yet, they are still likely to occur so please be careful with it. Although it is milder, Primobolan side effects can be really nasty if abusing it. So, never abuse this anabolic steroid Methenolone.

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  • PS: Primobolan steroid is the brand – the most popular one among many others. The active substance is Methenolone.

Primobolan Side Effects in Women

It is important to understand that women are affected by anabolic steroids more compared to men. That’s because of the nature of anabolic steroids. That’s why women are generally more likely to develop side effects from using any anabolic steroid. Even including Primobolan.

Nonetheless, because Primobolan has a much milder androgenic activity, women are much safer with Primobolan than with other steroids. That’s why Primo is considered the second most widely used steroid among women. Anavar is the first one because it has a higher anabolic activity than Primo.

Yet, it is a steroid classified as anabolic and androgenic. Therefore, it is capable of causing virilization side effects.

The risks and intensity depend on the dosage, cycle length, and genetics of each woman.

Such issues generally include: growing hair on the body and/or face, developing a deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, affecting fertility due to menstrual changes, and others.

In short, women risk their feminine traits. That’s why cycle lengths are short and dosages are very low. Plus, women are recommended oral Primobolan only. Injections are staying in the system much longer.


Primobolan Side Effects in Men

  • Oily skin and acne are some of the most common side effects of Primo in men.

Although it could be seen in women as well, it’s mostly affecting men. They could notice acne breakouts, mostly on their back, shoulders, chest, and face. They would need anti-acne treatments to deal with it.

  • Hair thinning is possible in women, but hair loss as a receding hairline is likely to be seen in men.

Primo is not as powerful as other steroids so less likely to cause it. Yet, possible. May need anti hair loss solutions such as minoxidil or even more powerful ones like Finasteride to deal with it.

  • Natural testosterone suppression is reported in men too.

Primobolan is fairly weak and there are people saying that a Primo cycle doesn’t need a PCT plan. That’s a huge mistake – it actually needs one. However, the suppression rate isn’t that bad.


Other Primobolan Side Effects

Primobolan steroid is great for those who want to keep a steroid cycle safe. The risks of side effects aren’t high and the side effects themselves shouldn’t be really nasty. Yet, you can still get some.

For example, big doses of oral Primobolan used for long periods may still increase liver enzymes despite the fact that the tablets are not C17 Alpha Alkylated.

  • Moreover, it could negatively affect your cholesterol values. This may lead to an overall negative effect on cardiovascular health.

It may also lead to unexplained aggression, increased sweat even when you don’t work out as well as insomnia and various other side effects. Various other side effects may occur too. People react differently when using Primobolan steroid or any other anabolic steroid. That’s why different people can notice various effects.


Please, be careful with Primobolan steroid. Also, if you buy Primobolan, make sure to get the best quality and purity. This is the only way to ensure maximum benefits out of a Primobolan cycle and the least side effects. Lower quality Methenolone can cause other side effects and increase their intensity.

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