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Oxandrolone Bodybuilding

Oxandrolone is better known as Anavar – the most famous brand name of this compound. Oxandrolone is widely used in bodybuilding and anyone searching for physique and performance enhancement would find Oxandrolone super helpful.

This is a synthetic androgenic and anabolic steroid that is orally active coming as pills and tablets and is highly effective for bodybuilding yet remaining much safer in terms of negative side effects compared to most other steroids out there.

Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is very helpful and popular, yet is best known as market name Anavar. Other brand names are also available containing Oxandrolone. For example, Pharmacom Labs is offering Oxandrolonos. Oxandrin was the first brand name. Anavar is popular brand but Oxandrolonos by Pharmacom Labs is most affordable.


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What is Oxandrolone Used for in Bodybuilding?

Oxandrolonos – Anavar with active ingredient Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is an extremely popular steroid because is considered to be a very safe compound, compared to all other steroids, when taken in consideration all common side effects related to most steroids, but remains highly efficient.

So, whilst Oxandrolone is not going to offer too nasty side effects, the compound is still going to be very helpful for physique and performance enhancement as it would help user to gain muscle mass, become stronger, boost recovery time, burn body fat and overall improvement in performance and physical outlook.

  • Anavar – Oxandrolonos comes as pills and has a half life of about 9-10 hours. Hence, bodybuilders use it at least every 12 hours, 2 times a day.

Is important to mention that Oxandrolone for bodybuilding and Oxandrolone-Bodybuilding-man-bodycompetitive sports is being classified as a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) – the chemical Oxandrolone, regardless either is Anavar or Oxandrolonos. The product is capable to be detected for approximately one month or so, that’s why be careful if you are going to pass an anti doping test. Oxandrolone is most likely in the list of banned substances.

AnavarOxandrolone is a popular compound for cutting cycles, therefore is mostly considered a cutting steroid.

That’s because this product is highly effective for weight loss purposes, pretty much like Clenbuterol – Meltos by Pharmacom Labs is, but with different benefits and results.

Clenbuterol is burning body fat only, Anavar – Oxandrolonos is helping you to gain lean muscle mass too, making you stronger and boosting recovery rate too.

That’s why, Clenbuterol (Meltos) is used solely for burning fat, Anavar (Oxandrolonos) is not. They are often stacked together in the same cycle for amazing shredding effect.

Oxandrolone, being a highly effective orally active steroid, is still safe, relatively safe. That’s the reason why Anavar – Oxandrolonos is considered the top most famous and widely used steroid among women needing steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

But Oxandrolone in bodybuilding is super popular among men too. Especially beginners. This is a good AAS to start with your steroid journey (if you never used steroids) and is still a very good addition to professional bodybuilders as it can work as an amazing booster.

Oxandrolone in Bodybuilding Dosages

Women using OxandrolonosAnavar for bodybuilding should start at 5-10 mg a day of Oxandrolone. They find the dosage of 10-15 mg a day to be the sweet spot. 20 mg a day is their maximum. Higher doses increase the risk of side effects.

Oxandrolonos – Anavar for men is dosed between 20 mg and 100 mg a day.

  • 20-30mg daily is the perfect dosage for beginners.
  • With time you can double up the dosage and 50 mg a day of Oxandrolone is the sweet spot for men.
  • Some increase the dosage but you shouldn’t use more than 100 mg a day.
  • In fact, doses over 70 mg a day should be attempted only by professionals.

Women may stack it with ClenbuterolMeltos only.

Men may stack it with Clenbuterol (Meltos), Testosterone (Pharma Test), Dianabol (Dianabolos), Winstrol (Stanos) or other compounds.




Anavar – Oxandrolonos was firstly created for helping people with muscular atrophy, but then later, Oxandrolone was found super helpful in bodybuilding because it has amazing abilities to grow muscles and retain them whilst helping you to lose body fat.

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