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Trenbolone Review: Worth The Risk?

In this article, I am going to share my Trenbolone review, trying to give some of the most important information about this compound trying to help you understand either or not is Trenbolone worth the risk?

This is a question that everyone should ask for themselves, because we cannot answer it for everyone. That’s because for someone Trenbolone is worth it, for others is not. With the help of this article, you should be able to answer this question for yourself.

We’re going to share the information based on the experience of Tren users, based on Tren reviews, reports and testimonials as well as based on much more information about this extremely powerful steroid that you are allowed to find online.

Trenbolone is sold as brand name Pharma Tren by Pharmacom Labs offering best quality Trenbolone for the lowest prices you can get.

In this Tren review, you will see the most common and biggest pros and cons of administering it (including other important information).

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone (sold as Pharma Tren) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) but is not your usual steroid that can be treated lightly. That’s because Trenbolone (often shortly called Tren) is regarded to as one of the most (if not the absolute most) powerful steroid that you can find available on the market in the bodybuilding settings.


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As with any other steroids – the more powerful a compound is, the more helpful it gets for physique and performance enhancement purposes, but the more side effects (and more profound) they get.

And in order to understand how powerful this compound actually is, Trenbolone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 500:500 and in the same time, no aromatization and therefore, no estrogenic activity. With this being said:

  • Trenbolone is considered to be 5 times the potency of testosterone both in terms of anabolic and androgenic activity.

Because of Tren’s ridiculously high anabolic and androgenic activity and no estrogenic activity, is a universal compound which can be used in bulking cycles when you want to gain huge amount of lean muscle mass and strength; but it also can be used in the cutting cycles, when the user is searching for increasing fat burning process whilst maintaining lean muscle mass, making you look both big and shredded.

The reason why the question: Is Tren worth the risk? is so popular is because this steroid overall seem to be controversial. That’s because there are many people who seem to complain on it calling it a “too harsh steroid”, but in the same time there are people calling it “amazing steroid” that’s not way worse than other steroids in terms of negative effects, but super effective.

  • There seem to be a lot of people who shared their experiences with Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) and based on those reviews and reports, I am going to share below some of the most common effects that you may receive from using this compound. They include the good ones (Trenbolone pros) and the bad ones (Trenbolone cons).

Trenbolone Pros

Let’s start off with the good things about Trenbolone (Pharma Tren). The reasons why people still use the compound despite the fact that is not approved by FDA for use in humans. According to some, the benefits and results that you get from Trenbolone are crazy, no other steroids, according to those people, can compare to the benefits you get from Tren.

They often call it – the best AAS for physique and performance enhancement. Let’s check them.

  • Crazy Strength Gains
  • Boosts In Lean Muscle Gains
  • Overall Ripped and Boosted Physical Appearance
  • Pumped and Full Muscles


These are only some of the most commonly reported and biggest benefits and results you get from Trenbolone. There are many of them, but we won’t share every little one here.

Crazy Strength Gains

When saying that you are going to be able to gain crazy strength amounts, I mean it. You won’t add a bit of strength increase – you would be ready to lift HUGE amounts of BIG weights! If you’ve reached your limits in the gym, get ready – you would see completely new levels with Tren.

This is the first and most commonly reported thing when people are on Trenbolone. Everyone seems to notice that the strength gains are mind blowing. People who are not very serious about their workouts, diets and administering Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) report increasing strength by at least 10%.

There’s a user report indicating he was capable to add 90 lbs to his bench press in the time he administered Trenbolone, and he reached it super fast. By reading customer reviews on Tren, you would be shocked to read experiences and reports about it.

Taking in consideration Tren is so immensely androgenic and anabolic, that’s not a surprise. That’s the reason why Trenbolone is among the best steroids in existence for rapid and huge strength increases – is highly anabolic (high testosterone) and highly androgenic (high dihydrotestosterone). These are both male hormones that are having a huge impact on how fast and how much strength you would increase. The more you get them, the more you would be able to lift.


This is the reason why Tren is among the absolute most favorite and best steroids among powerlifters and strongmen when they need to pump impressive amounts of iron.


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Boosts In Lean Muscle Gains

Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) would be your best friend for increasing strength levels, but it won’t do that without huge boosts in lean muscle gains either. By bulking up in the time of administering Trenbolone, you can expect mind blowing gains in terms of muscle mass.

The best part?

You would receive lean and quality muscles without puffiness. Without aromatization and estrogenic activity, Trenbolone gives you huge muscle gains that are all lean and shredded without water retention and bloating. All the gains would be muscles and therefore, they won’t disappear as soon as you end your cycle as with other steroids.

How big they would be? Well, check the numbers again. There’s a person who has done an experiment with his friend. Both same diet and workout routine, both same size etc. He was taking Trenbolone and Testosterone – his friend Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) and Testosterone.

Despite the fact that Nandrolone is an extremely helpful bulking steroid, the one on Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) gained a lot much more.

Tren is an overall amazing steroid that is capable to change your body appearance completely. The steroid is going to make you look harder, learner, vascular and grainy, in the time that you get tons of strength.

Overall Ripped and Boosted Physical Appearance

We’ve started to discuss about how Trenbolone is going to make you look and that’s a point where no steroids can compare to Trenbolone. You won’t get a better looking physical appearance on other steroids than you can on Tren.

Everyone who is using this AAS properly is going to look overall much ripped with a huge boost in physical appearance and body look.

Taking in consideration that Tren is capable to shift water from outside the muscles and to place it inside of the muscle cell – this is what gives you strength but also muscle tone and definition. Your muscle definition is going to be amazingly boosted, and that’s in the time that you lose body fat on Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) and overall get more muscles.


Getting shredded is something very common on Trenbolone. Due to all its amazing effects, customers report becoming a lot much vascular as they are getting much less water in between their veins and their skin, as said – no estrogenic activity combined with fat loss processes.

  • The effects of Tren are purely insane if you want to start looking much more aesthetic on a bulk and you want to get rid of the water retention as much as is possible.

Trenbolone is such an amazingly powerful steroid, in terms of maintaining you shredded, that it can allow you to bulk in the time that you would maintain the six pack abs visible. Also it helps you to grow some lean muscle mass in the time that you are cutting. You can’t even dream about something similar on other steroids or naturally.

Trenbolone Cons

Is quite obvious that Trenbolone does have the “dark side”. You can’t receive all of those amazing good benefits and results from something without there being some “cons”. The negative side effects of Tren are claimed to be some of the worst and nastiest compared to other steroids.

Here’s the list of the most common negative side effects of using Trenbolone:


  • Tren Cough – shortness of breath
  • Reduces Endurance – kills your cardio
  • Hypertension – increases blood pressure
  • Hair loss (and other androgenic side effects)
  • Insomnia – paranoia – anxiety

This is not the full list of Trenbolone negative side effects. The list is way wider, but these are some of the most common reported side effects of Trenbolone. Although the compound is considered nasty when talking about side effects, they are only possible.

The chances of their appearance are higher compared to other steroids and they are more profound when appearing, but unlike what many people tend to think – no side effects means that it doesn’t work well, the side effects are just possible.

Tren Cough – shortness of breath

The reason why I started with this side effect despite the fact that is not dangerous is because this is the most famous Trenbolone side effect out of them all. Being so common for so many people, it got nicknamed “Tren Cough” which manifests itself in shortness of breath.

This side effect appears when you’re injecting Trenbolone (most commonly, the most widely used version of Tren – Trenbolone Acetate. The injection hits a blood vessel and this is what causes you to uncontrollably cough for approximately one minute or so.

This is not dangerous and it always disappear very fast, despite the fact that it may seem dangerous when you’re coughing like crazy after injecting it.

Other steroids also have this side effect, but seems to be most common among Tren users for whatever the reason.

Hypertension – increases blood pressure

This is a common side effects among many other steroids and Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) is not an exception when talking about the high likelihood of offering a spike in the blood pressure. That’s why, if you’re planning to use Trenbolone, is very important to have healthy bloods before you’re starting the cycle.

Talk to your doctor as a blood test is going to make sure that you’re allowed and ready to go through the cycle.

The main reason why you are getting hypertension whilst on Tren is because the compound is going to sky rocket your testosterone levels. When you get enormous levels of testosterone, the LDL (bad) cholesterol is going to rise up. This is resulting in increased blood pressure.

Because of the fact that your blood pressure increases so much, a lot of people using this powerful steroid noticed that their body temperature is also increasing too. As a result of increased body temperature which can be quite a lot, you are going to feel warmer and get a higher sensitivity to heat.

You may notice that you are sweating much more than usual (which can occur in the night) and this is leading to night sweats or also called Tren sweats.

That’s why I haven’t mentioned the less endurance to cardio so far. Very often, Tren users reported that the compound “kills their cardio” meaning that they are having a lower resistance to cardio exercises.

That’s because of higher blood pressure and higher body temperature. Endurance based exercises are much harder this way as your blood flow is way higher.

Hair loss and other androgenic side effects

Taking in consideration that Trenbolone is ridiculously high in androgenic activity, is quite obvious that you can expect getting androgenic side effects, and due its potency, they can be really nasty and profound.

Most prone to such side effects are those people that are genetically prone to get them, but also their intensity, severity and overall appearance depends on the dosage and the cycle length.

Hair loss is one of the most commonly reported side effect on Trenbolone in terms of androgenic activity. There may be others such as aggression which is also very common, abnormal hair growth on face and body, prostate enlargement (which is less common) and various others.

Not everyone get these side effects, even including the hair loss. Plus to that, approximately 80% of those people who claimed to have hair loss, they seem to report that this side effect disappeared soon after stopping the cycle, that’s why we can consider it a temporary side effect if the steroid was properly administered.

  • In case you don’t want to lose your hair then there are better alternatives than Trenbolone which is so highly androgenic. That’s especially if you’re prone to get such side effects like seeing your hair receding or thinning. If you still want to use it but you want to protect your hair, then you may want to get a DHT blocker like for example Proscar or Propecia.

Make sure not to overdo it, DHT blockers may block way too much of dihydrotestosterone and this is going to lead to side effects. Some of the worst include the reduced muscle and strength gains which is the exact opposite of what you’ve been searching for when administering Tren.

Insomnia – Paranoia – Anxiety

Except for quite a lot of physical negative side effects, users of Tren reported that they are also having psychological negative effects too. This compound is working on a hormonal level and hormones are playing an extremely important role in how we look, how we feel as well as how we’re thinking and behaving.

With Trenbolone being a very powerful compound, there’s a high chance that you would also get some form of psychological side effects and they could be various depending from a person to another. While some people may not get any side effects at all or they would be too little to be noticed, there might be others that would greatly suffer from them, especially if abusing Tren.

That’s why, in order to determine how and if Tren would affect you, it all depends on what you’re like naturally and normally.

For example, in case you’re an anxious person by yourself or if you’re suffering from bipolar disorder or something in this matter, it may be a good idea to avoid administering Trenbolone. You may still use it and you would be alright, but chances are much higher that you would get some side effects.

Being a guy without any mental conditions at all, then is very likely that the negative psychological side effects are either going to be mild, or unnoticeable at all, as long as Trenbolone is used properly. In such cases, there’s a high chance that Tren is going to work properly and its side effects would be perfectly manageable.

Tren has huge androgenic activity and is known that all steroids with androgenic activity to offer aggression and whilst a bit of aggression is good in the gym, it could get out of hand. It may change your thoughts and behavior.

Plus to that, there’s a high chance that insomnia is going to be a side effect on Trenbolone, and that’s because Tren is a steroid that is stimulating the nervous system too. This would make you be much more alert than you normally are and to have “racing” thoughts all day – this is what makes you paranoid and increases anxiety.

Conclusion Trenbolone Review

Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) is by far one of the most powerful steroids in existence and as with anything else – the more powerful a compound gets, the more and more profound are both the benefits as well as the side effects. The deep results might be extremely helpful but they might be dangerous, it all depends on you and various factors.

  • If you’re a person who already has some health conditions such as hypertension, mental side effects or something in this matter, then you would likely going to be among those people who say that Tren offers too nasty side effects. There’s a high chance that you would say the same if you would attempt abusing Trenbolone (Pharma Tren) by taking too much doses or for way too long time.
  • Nonetheless, if you’re a person who would use it normally and you’re not having pre existing health issues, there’s a high chance you would be among those guys who love Tren, that’s because this is an anabolic steroid that is going to offer mind blowing results.

There’s no in between – Trenbolone is either a love or hate thing. A real Trenbolone is going to offer real results and they are either going to be extremely good, or extremely bad – it depends on how exactly you use the steroid.

  • Warning! Is very important not to expose yourself to risks. If you suffer from health issues, or if you are not sure what is your health condition at the moment, or you previously had some conditions – avoid Tren. This is one of the most powerful steroids in existence, chances are you would get nasty side effects.

Its huge potency makes it dangerous in wrong hands, but makes it amazing in good hands as it can make you both extremely ripped and super jacked. There are lots of people who said that Trenbolone’s side effects to be way too exaggerated by many people.

Yes, this is a potent steroid and extreme caution should be used when administering it because in the end, it affects everyone differently, but is not as bad as claimed when used as it should be.

Once again, it very much depends on yourself, health condition, how administering it and other factors.

pharma-tren-e-200Other than that, make sure you get real Trenbolone. A fake compound is likely not to offer anything at all. There are fakes that offer side effects or there are supplements given as Trenbolone but they are nothing and they don’t help. Buy Trenbolone for sale of the highest quality from We are the best steroid store offering best compounds for lowest price. Trenbolone is sold as Pharma Tren.

In case you’ve been using Trenbolone Acetate for about a week and you can’t feel anything – there’s a very high chance that you haven’t got real Tren.

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