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Halotestin or shortly Halo is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids you would ever find on the market. The active substance is Fluoxymesterone. The compound is used for treating various health conditions but is also a powerful pre contest steroid. It can help the user increase muscle mass and strength without water retention and plus – it comes as oral pills.

This powerful oral androgenic and anabolic steroid is actually interesting and unique. It should be used for specific uses and that’s why, despite its huge potency, is not as popular among athletes and bodybuilders as many other steroids are. The compound is mostly popular among powerlifters and strongmen, as well as professional bodybuilders right before a competition.

  • This is because Halotestin is not as effective as growing muscles (despite huge anabolic activity). But it offers a huge boost in strength and helps display a much drier physique.

What is Halotestin?


This orally active, on paper, is having one of the highest androgenic and anabolic ratings compared to any other steroid. The androgenic rating is 850 and the anabolic rating is 1900. That’s 8.5 times more androgenic and 19 times more anabolic than testosterone. This may make you think it would offer huge anabolic effects (growing muscles) but that’s not actually true. The main effects are androgen based.

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In addition to that, Fluoxymesterone does not convert into estrogen as it doesn’t aromatize. Halo is known for increasing aggression and strength alongside muscle density. So, those people who are preparing for a fight, powerlifting competition, or those who compete on stage displaying a real hard look with a very low body fat percentage would benefit from Halotestin use.

In short, Halotestin is very powerful but is not really good for growing muscles. Other than that, people are very likely to get androgen related issues due to its exceptional androgen activity. Another downside of Halo is the fact that those tablets are C17 alpha alkylated. This is a very hepatotoxic oral steroid that should be used very carefully.

Halotestin Effects

Here are some of the most notorious effects of Halo:

  • Huge Strength and Power Boost. Even if you won’t add as many muscles as with other steroids, your strength level is still going over the roof.
  • Fat Loss and Dry Effect. The compound helps to lose fat while preserving and even growing lean muscle mass. It offers a hard look at your muscles and overall dryness.
  • Metabolism Enhancement. Halotestin would increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention with an overall boost in metabolism. Due to everything mentioned – it makes it great for cutting.


Halotestin Side Effects

Fluoxymesterone is not going to offer any estrogen related side effects. However, the other side effects may be nasty, especially if not used properly. Most popular Halotestin side effects:

  • Liver Toxicity. Is a known fact that all steroids are stressful for the liver, but Halotestin is even more toxic. Use it with big care in short cycle lengths, low doses alongside liver protection.
  • Androgen Issues. Because Fluoxymesterone is exceptionally androgenic, androgen related issues are likely to occur. Some of them include acne, hair loss, virilization for women, etc.
  • Testosterone Suppression. As with any other steroid, Halo is suppressing testosterone. However, because of the other side effects, the compound is not used as much, so this issue may not be as bad.
  • Other Side Effects. Is quite obvious that Halo may offer different side effects too. Some examples include hypertension, changes in skin color, nausea, reduced libido, and others.

Halotestin Dosage

Whenever you plan to use Fluoxymesterone – make sure you have liver protection supplements to run with it. It comes as tablets and has a half life of 9-10 hours. That’s why split the total daily dose into 2 even halves. Most people take one half one or two hours before their workout session.

  • Halotestin dosage is 10-20 mg a day for beginners and intermediate users. 30-40 mg a day is for professionals. Do not use more than 40 mg a day.


Halotestin Cycle

Is highly recommended to keep the Halotestin cycle under 8 weeks cycle length. But in fact, that’s already way too long. 4-6 weeks is most common. Beginners shouldn’t go more than just 4 weeks.

We do not recommend using the Halotestin cycle alongside other orals that may affect the liver. In fact, you should avoid anything else affecting the liver such as alcohol, OTC compounds, etc. Is also not very recommended to use it alongside other powerful steroids like Trenbolone.

Halo cycle goes well with injectable steroids and most commonly, with cutting ones such as Masteron, Primobolan, and of course Testosterone.


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