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Equipoise Benefits

Without any doubts, the effects of Equipoise are purely amazing and when this anabolic steroid is used properly, Equipoise benefits are extremely beneficial for any bodybuilder, athlete or any gym rat searching to improve body condition.

Equipoise benefits are huge if you are searching for body shaping and improvement in strength and overall athletic performance. The anabolic steroid shows a significant anabolic activity and in the same time, most users of the compound consider it to be a very well tolerated steroid.

Pharmacom Labs is offering Equipoise as Pharma Bold 300 or 500 (depending on the strength required) and is the exact same compound but offered for a cheaper price.


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The main ingredient is Boldenone, which is a very popular steroid for a while now because is an amazing product for performance enhancement and physique improving purposes. Other than that, the compound seem to be very helpful for treating osteoporosis as well as reverse muscle wasting too.

One benefit of EQ is the fact that this is an extremely long lasting steroid, therefore it means that you do not have to use it very often to receive amazing benefits.

The compound could be used only once per week (to make sure that you’re having stable blood levels) and doing so you would make sure to receive:


  • Lean muscle growth
  • Strength increase
  • Burn body fat
  • Steady gains
  • Enhanced recovery rate

There are many other benefits that can be mentioned. For example, Equipoise (Pharma Bold) is very well tolerated, better than many other steroids out there, that’s why another Equipoise benefit is the fact that you’re capable to get amazing results whilst using the compound without getting too bad side effects.

  • Boldenone is also making sure that you are adding mass slow and steady, over time, which is amazing for most athletes as the gains are aesthetic, clean and quality.
  • Plus, the gains won’t get lost as with many other compounds. That’s why many people add Pharma Bold (Equipoise) during their bulking cycle stack, in order to receive gains that are long lasting but in the same time, other (usually oral steroids) are working faster for faster gains.

Equipoise – Pharma Bold is going to increase the strength levels a lot. That’s why is such a beneficial compound for off season bodybuilders and athletes who need to become stronger and create more mass. Anyone using the compound is going to receive noticeable strength amount and huge muscular endurance.

Other things to be mentioned about Pharma Bold – Equipoise benefits include: the compound is going to do a great job in increasing protein synthesis and recovery, that’s something crucial when talking about building size and mass. The most noticeable results obviously are muscle and strength gains, but burning body fat is something specific to Boldenone Undecylenate either.

For example, when Equipoise – Pharma Bold is stacked with other anabolic steroids, users are capable to gain anywhere between 10 and 20 lbs of lean muscle mass which is impressive, especially because you run it for only some weeks.

A lot of people using Equipoise – Pharma Bold said they have noticed increased vascularity effects when using the compound too, all along with burning body fat, Pharma Bold – Equipoise is used both in bulking and cutting cycles.

Is important to mention that another benefit is increases in appetite as most athletes using Equipoise – Pharma Bold reported this. That’s amazing for off season bulking needs as it helps to add quality lean muscle mass.


  • Another important benefit to mention is that Pharma Bold – Equipoise is great for enhanced recovery rate. You would recovery much faster after each intense training session and that’s extremely important for any athlete because it allows you to train more often resulting in faster and better results.

Plus, we all know that recovery is the time when you’re actually growing muscles, that’s why is so important. This is partially due to the fact that Equipoise or Pharma Bold (Boldenone Undecylenate) has been proven to be extremely efficient when talking about increasing red blood cells count. It is known that all steroids increase red blood cell count, but EQ does it to a greater extent.

Keep in mind that properly using Pharma Bold (Equipoise) the benefits do not stop there.

Users may receive other benefits either, but it very much depends on various factors. Is extremely important to learn how to properly use Equipoise (Pharma Bold) and is also extremely important to get only high quality steroid if you want to receive benefits. pharma-bold-300-equipoise-boldenone

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