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Dianabol shortly called Dbol is one of the most commonly used performance enhancing products on the market, in fact, is considered the most famous steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. However, is a well known fact that Dianabol is coming in form of pills. Nonetheless, few people know that there are also Dbol injections.


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Injections are the exact same Dianabol product, but it doesn’t come as pills, but in form of oil solution that is meant to be used intramuscularly as injection. Therefore, is called Dianabol injection, or Dbol injections. Obviously, this is not a common method of administering Dianabol – pills are way more popular and famous, yet, there are still people who opt for this option, for Dbol injections. That’s why we’re going to have a closer look to Dbol injections here.

  • When comparing side by side, is pretty obvious that there are not too many differences between Dianabol pills (Dianabolos) and Dbol injections (Pharma Bol), taken in consideration that both offer same product, yet there are still some differences between these 2 compounds which can play an extremely important role for an athlete that is having some specific preferences when coming to building muscle mass.


So well, Dbol injections are the exact same Dianabol pills containing Methandrostenolone, but instead of coming as pills, the active substance is suspended in water and that’s very uncommon for injectable anabolic steroids because most steroids coming as injections are suspended in oil (but Methandienone is still not the only one). But you should know that this doesn’t change how the product is working and what it does.

With this being said, Dbol injections – Pharma Bol 100 are offering pretty much the exact same results as oral Dbol pills – Dianabolos. Plus to that, although usually injectable steroids are less hepatotoxic compared to oral ones, Dbol injections are still C17 alpha alkylated, meaning that it passes through the liver and is hepatotoxic.

  • Everything else is also similar: both are producing testosterone, both are highly aromatized converted into estrogen and therefore, the final results would be the same for both: incredibly fast muscle growth, huge increase in strength levels and overall big benefits when talking about physique and performance enhancement needs.

Either you run Dbol injections or oral Dianabol pills (Pharma Bol 100 or Dianabolos) – with both versions you need to have a good diet and a good training program for yielding best results and avoiding side effects.


Except for the obvious form of administration, there are few to no differences between injectable Dianabol and Dianabol tablet. Both the tablet and Dbol injections should be administered on a daily basis during the cycle. This is one of the main reason why Dbol pills are so more popular than injections – swallowing pills daily is easier than injecting something daily.

With all of that being said, what’s the reason getting Dbol injections at all?

Well, some people who used both versions suggest that they are both offering same side effects and results, nonetheless, injectable dbol still seem to be a little bit less toxic and seemingly – a bit more powerful too.

Other than that, you may get faster results because injections go right into the muscles compared to tablets that are firstly reaching your stomach. Both are extremely fast working, but Dbol injections seem to be a bit less toxic, a bit more powerful and a bit faster acting. Plus, seems to stay in your system a bit more.

Once again, the differences are definitely not too big, some people may not see any differences at all. That’s why, in the end, is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some people may love dbol injections, others may love pills.

In the end, you are likely to expect same side effects, same results and same benefits regardless of method of administration of Dianabol – Dianabolos or Pharma Bol.


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